01 December 2023

Write &Live

DECEMBER in [potential*] WRITING


a Table of Contents for forthcoming writing that i've had to keep in my head for weeks and that can now be released into the world in the form of writing!

On Why I always try to put off revealing my racial identity when around other Asians, specifically Koreans, because, well, that's what I've got to put to paper.

The MOST IRRITATING customer behavior that just, like, it really just pisses me off, like so much. 

"I cannot imagine what a living hell it must be to have social-media metrics determine your economic livelihood" 

On Friendship & How to Woo a Girl 

True or False

And prolly a fiction sketch or two re A Forest of Trees or A Field of Flowers, It Rained for One Week, and When you live on a tropical island, christmas really is one helluva sham, etc., etc. 

[added 02dec23 0221 {updated 03dec23 0134}] On Kim Kardashian (I know. I know. Just hear me out.) and my theory about Kourtney Kardashian Barker 

[added 02dec23 0237] When there was only one person who liked one of my Stories, this one time, and I had never, have yet to ever, felt/feel more respected than I did in that moment ^laugh-cry emoji^ plus, when men and women follow each other on socials, etc.

*[updated 02dec23] cause this list is getting pretty long, when considering my full-time job, barf, but i will, obviously, do my best ^..^