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The 2020s


Hawai'i, United States

Aloha from O'ahu
new year's day 2024

the only thing on my list to do this year
is to have so much revenue coming in
through our business, 
that i MUST quit my fucking day job;
everything else is fluff


Hawai'i, United States
Colorado, United States

Happy Gregorian New Year!
at exactly midnight
from our current part-time,
night crew jobs!

tkscm, limited

LOPSIII promotion

Relocated to Honolulu, Hawai'i, United States, and long-term development of tkscm, limited HQ

Read books


Colorado, United States

our 2022 Lunar New Year card
winter 2021/22

Continued survival during a pandemic ...

Sketching Book Three, my next work of fiction, hankering to quit the part-time job so that I can focus on writing full-time.

Continued choice architecture on and for our top-tier grocery retailer labor market and management report, which will end in 2022, through our boutique firm, tkscm, limited.

Continued promotion of our ideological business model/registration type, Locally Owned Profit Sharing Income Inequality Inhibitor or LOPSIII

Fueling the rocket for takeoff into the next decade (excepting any further hindrances the pandemic may arouse) through our business endeavors, LOPSIII and tkscm, limited, under which The Guest House exists and on which work is continually being done


Colorado, United States

Continued survival during a pandemic

"72 in 2021" (finally, a serious reader :)

Formation, filing and registration of boutique choice-architecture firm, tkscm, limited

Began a boots-on-the-ground choice-architecture project for a labor market and middle-management research packet regarding the ground-level pros and cons of union labor as it currently exists within a top-tier grocery retailer, along with ground-level experience of the pitfalls of poor management within the corporate structure of capitalism-as-usual ... how much is too much to invest in the development of good managers?, etc. 

Development of online presence for LOPSIII and tkscm, limited

Continued to completion the online uploading of my second novel-length work of science fiction, Bromides  


Colorado, United States

posing and capturing an image for our
2021 Lunar New Year card
winter 2020

"Bedlam 50 | 2020" (another attempt at some serious reading)

Participation in the 2020 Leadership [Redacted] Program, which was cut short due to the emergence of the Coronavirus in our current location of residence in March 2020, from which I requested a partial refund and was then confronted by the then CEO of the local Chamber of Commerce with regards to an email I sent to the group with regards to the racist undertones of this city, which was outlined (ironically enough) during one of the first meetings of the leadership program; in other words, I live in a covertly racist town and my fellow program members didn't really seem to care, so I left in foul terms ... imho ... after they gave me a full refund, which effectively made me feel as if I were kicked out of the program.

Continued development of House of Taps

Ideological development of The Guest House

Continued development of LOPSIII

Continued development of tkscm, limited

The commencement of digital/online publishing of my second novel-length work of science fiction, Bromides 

Surviving a pandemic

The 2010s


Colorado, United States via

Washington, United States

shmoozing in Seattle, WA, United States
winter 2018/19

"Bedlam 40 [originally 50]" (my first attempt to read with real purpose)

Developed and ran Writing Practitioners, Seattle in Seattle, Washington, United States 

Business development for a concept called House of Taps

Business development for a capitalist ideology called LOPSIII

Business development for a boutique choice-architecture firm called tkscm, limited.

Relocation via rental car to Colorado, United States to partake in a leadership program and further develop/establish House of Taps


Washington, United States via

Auckland, New Zealand via

Seoul, South Korea

swung through Hawai'i to ease the transition back into American life,
a lifestyle in which we’d only like to participate part-time 
fall 2018

Finished up part-time/substitute English teaching along with private tutoring

Emigrated to New Zealand

Developed Speed Box and created a prototype with free 3D printing services at the Auckland Public Library 

Developed and ran Writing Practitioners, Auckland in Auckland, New Zealand (a five-week writing practice meetup through Meetup) 

Repatriated to the United States to reside within an accessible distance to a patent office and the location of our next business endeavor


Seoul, South Korea

relaxing on Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 
spring 2017

Continued part-time/substitute English teaching along with private tutoring

Wrote “book two” called Bromides by undertaking a 150,000-words-in-two-metric months (or two hundred days) challenge that I set, organized for myself and successfully completed.


Seoul, South Korea

whale watching off Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, 
spring 2016

Continued part-time/substitute English teaching along with private tutoring

Self-published “book one”—a collection of science-fiction stories called Red & Blue Make Green—through Amazon’s Kindle self-publishing in paperback 


Seoul, South Korea

"for the love of mundanity"
Seoul, South Korea
fall 2015

Continued part-time/substitute English teaching along with private tutoring

Continued full-time writing and work on my first book, Red & Blue Make Green


Seoul, South Korea via

Daegu, South Korea 

got a kitten as soon as we settled in Seoul
fall 2014

Continued part-time/substitute English teaching along with private tutoring

Continued full-time writing and acclimating to life in Seoul, South Korea


Daegu, South Korea via

Colorado, United States

we made it to Daegu, South Korea, in two healthy pieces,
luggage and all!
&an un-credited stranger took this pic of us for us
fall 2013

Closing up shop on the three business endeavors between 2010 & 2012 before our departure from the United States (permanently, we thought, at the time)

Emigrated to South Korea

Full-time writing and acclimating to life in South Korea

Part-time substitute English teaching 


Colorado, United States

xmas pic for the fam
winter 2011/12

Continued work on W4M Denver

Continued work on Twigim “Truck”

Continued work on Splice Light PhoDeo


Colorado, United States

i purchased my first DSLR, Kenneth,
and i went to town on our xmas tree that year,
and this is my fave pic of the bunch
as our twenty-something apartment
is so easily seen in the reflection!
fall 2011

Continued work on Twigim “Truck”

Development and launch of Splice Light PhoDeo (photography/videography and editing services)

Development of W4M Denver (a real estate investment firm we developed alongside my personal real estate investment training as the assistant to the then-president of CAREI)


Denver, Colorado, United States via

Boulder, Colorado, United States

October 2010 
Registered our first business together (as we had undergone individual expressions of entrepreneurship, independently)
  • Development and launch of ETMC, LLC, dba Twigim (a fusion food service [see photo below])
Summer 2010
Traveled to South America
  • Backpacked through Chile (Valparaíso and Viña del Mar) and Peru (Lima, Cusco, Aguas Calientes, and Machu Picchu) 
Spring 2010
Graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, USA

  • BA, Studio Art
  • BA, Art History
  • Volunteer mentor to a dozen Boulder High School students

two little twenty-somethings getting a few little businesses under our belts
Old South Pearl Street Farmer's Market for a special St. Patrick's Day event in 2013,
during our second year in business
&this pic is a pic of a pic that was taken by someone about whom the specifics elude

Before The Common Era


Boulder, Colorado, USA via

Syracuse, New York, USA via

Waco, Texas, USA via

Basalt, Colorado, USA

Fall 2008 - Fall 2009
Student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, USA

  • Worked toward a BA, Studio Art & BA, Art History
  • Obtained master's level seminar course credits when invited into the class my senior year by Marilyn R. Brown
  • Volunteered as a high school mentor to a dozen Boulder High School young adults

Summer 2007 - Summer 2008
Trainee for a private ballet company in Syracuse, New York, USA
  • Traveled to Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, India in January 2008

Fall 2004 - Spring 2007 
Student at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, USA
  • Obtained freshman through junior year credits toward BFA, Sculpture under Robbie Barber, with a Business Minor
  • Individual Honor recipient for the Chonko Business Spring 2005 Project for my work on my team's business plan for a business called Speed Box, a third-party delivery service (look it up)
  • Member of coed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, awarded for over-achievement in required service hours 
  • Member and Historian and one of the end-of-semester show-runners for the Baylor Dance Company
Summer 2005
Traveled to Seoul, South Korea
  • Attended a Korean foreign language program available to international Korean adoptees
Spring 2004
Graduate of Basalt High School
  • Member of NHS
  • Awarded over $80K in local and collegiate academic scholarships
Summer 2001
  • Traveled to Timișoara, Romania for cultural exchange and orphanage outreach
Summer 2000
  • Traveled to South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Zululand, and Durban) for cultural and foreign language exchange 
Fall 1989
Arrived in the United States as a (nearly) four-year-old Korean adoptee


Choice Architecture (aka consultancy) 
  • tkscm, limited is our boutique consulting firm—founded with my co-founder—wherein clients may request my particular perspective through a number of different projects as large as researching specific market industries (such as top-tier grocery retail) or researching the local demographics of a specific place (such as emerging cities with populations breaching 100K) and as small as determining a financial leak for a mom & pop shop or helping a recent high school graduate create a path for their future. 
  • visit tkscmlimited.com to submit proposals of this nature, anytime. 
Writing Services