Sun Sailor's Writer/Project Rate Sheet

Do you need a writer?



My skills are that of communication, written communication. And so, if communication is important to you, it's important that you communicate well. 

Other reasons you may need a writer include the banal listed below, with others including but not limited to: restaurant menus, promotional material, website descriptions/banter, tweets, texts, love notes, etc. 

If you can think it, I can write it.  

Get in touch with me, Sun, through the contact form in the menu bar, if you ever need a writer ... for anything. 


Under 18                                 NA                                     NA
18-22 $20                                        10%                 
23-28 $30                                        5%                 
29-32 $40                                        -                 
33-37 $50                                        -                 
38-40 $60                                        -                 
41-48 $70                                        -                 
49-56 $80                                        -                 
57-65 $90                                        -                 
66+         $100                                      -         

*Opinions will vary in length, but the price purchases you about an hour of thought. I am, however, willing to spend more or less time on an Opinion; for example, a 23-28 year-old could theoretically purchase One two-opinion Opinion (I’ll spend two hours on one Opinion) or half-an-opinion Opinion (I’d spend thirty minutes on one Opinion), which would cost $57.00 ($30x2 minus the 5% Discount) or $14.25 ($30/2 minus the 5% Discount), respectively. All prices are available in any mathematical increment desired by the client ;) 

Writing Practitioners
A series of five writing exercises that can either be practiced Solo or in a group with me as your Captain. 
  • Solo Exploration (five one-hour writing exercises updated yearly) $100 
  • Guided Exploration (in-person guided writing through one-hour writing exercises) $100/person per 75-90 minute session (may purchase as many or as few sessions as desired) or $250 for groups of five, $50 additional dollars per person for groups exceeding five people.
  • Or find out if our boutique consulting firm's "Guest House" Program is right for you ^. .^

  • Personal notes, tweets, texts, etc. $15-$150
  • Website words (tailored pricing)
  • Do you have some thing for which you need a writer?
  • please reach out thru the contact form* to your left
  • please use the same contact form* to request anything you may want, in general, if you dare.

General Blog | Opinion Post

  • 2,000 word count max
  • $0.63/word

Product | Book | Film | &c. Review
  • 1,500 - 3,000 word count
  • $3.33/word

Researched Articles
  • 3,000 - 10,000 word count
  • two-months research + writing = about three months
  • $33,300 base rate

Ghost Writing
  • up to 75,000 words or 250 pages
  • please send a brief project description thru the contact form* to your left
  • $333K base rate

Choice Architecture
  • tkscm, limited is our boutique consulting firm—founded with my co-founder—wherein clients may request my particular perspective through a number of different projects as large as researching specific market industries (such as top-tier grocery retail) or researching the local demographics of a specific place (such as emerging cities with populations breaching 100K) and as small as determining a financial leak for a mom & pop shop or helping a recent high school graduate create a path for their future. 
  • visit to submit proposals of this nature. 

The most important information you can send are dates and subject matter. My personal interests revolve around social psychology and human behavior and Time, but I am a naturally curious person, which means that I can be easily convinced to look in all sorts of directions, observe what I see and report what I find. 
I am first and foremost an artist. 
Please keep this in mind when submitting requests &or proposals. 
Thank you for your interest in my work.

*it is possible that the contact form is located elsewhere, as I have no idea what this site looks like on mobile cause, generally speaking, mobile sucks.

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