sailing the time tide in pictures ...

... on theTube as ... sun김선sailor ... 

... & continuing to survive a pandemic ... COVID-free ... 

... [currently] vaxxed, surgically masked when indoors, fabric masked when remaining outside but among people, naked-faced when outside out in the open  ...

... or double masked in a surgical mask over a fabric mask 3M KN9501+ or 3M KN9502+ or Honeywell N95 respirator (updated selfie below) when indoors longer than ten minutes, provided for FREE by our Public Library, thru what I imagine was Biden's 400M-mask distribution ...

the "new selfie"
circa late February 2022
in the free 3M KN9502+
provided by our local
Public Library
an outdated 2020 fabric-mask selfie
since the Public Library
distributed KN95 respirators
for free! starting early 2022
(new selfie forthcoming)

stay safe out there 


lovers of peace hanging at one of our typical stomping grounds,
Cafe 오가다, in 노원 롯데 마트 c 2018




my first book, written 2014-2015, self-published in October 2016

one of our last dinners in Seoul with some friends (not pictured :)
photo by 민경이



i enjoy sporadic participation in online yoga challenges
forward fold c 2019


Buramsan, Nowon-Gu, Seoul, South Korea
New Year's Day 2018

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