25 November 2023

The bureaucratic process of the DMV, here in Honolulu, was terrific, but be prepared! The system here has a checkpoint process, a conduit (if you will), who determines whether or not you will be successful once you enter the DMV waiting area, &this person will swiftly kick you out of line, send you home, if you fail to meet the criteria (or if you don't have an appointment) of (for) the DMV. It was the smoothest sailing through a bureaucratic process that we've experienced, since... our Seoul Days *shrug*

+ i clearly took a selfie the last time i opened my camera ^..^

++ waiting for the bus

+++ getting on the bus

++++ sitting on the bus

+++++ sitting in the DMV

++++++ success at the DMV

+++++++ waiting for the bus

++++++++ sitting on the bus

+++++++++ loading our bus passes

++++++++++ celebrating our success with poke

+++++++++++ " w/liquor (a half-gallon jug of eggnog sits at home)

++++++++++++ " w/Brug (enough said)

+++++++++++++ happy success at the DMV Day ^..^