03 December 2023

A Quickie (or two*)

When considering the variously annoying behaviors enacted by the variously annoying customers who frequent the grocery store at which I job, THE most irritating of all of these behaviors is one that's hard to describe, and so, here's my first go of it.

Most of my shift is spent in some aisle of the grocery store. And so, when a customer is looking for an item, the most annoying thing in the whole world, to me, is when they're walking toward me, maybe somewhere in the middle of the aisle, and they are so butt-fucking focused on getting my attention, "Hi," waving for my attention from the end of the aisle, "Do you work here?" I wear a fucking name tag, dumbass, "Yes," I smile (from under a mask). "Can you tell me where to find deodorant?" the dumbass asks while standing in front of the only place where deodorant is kept in the entire store. I kindly, as humanly possible in this moment, point to his (it's always some guy) left and smile (people can see it in your eyes), "It's right here. Is there anything else I can help you with?" 

Does that make sense?

These motherfuckers fucking refuse to use their fucking brains for something as simple as finding an item in a well-labeled, well-organized by category, grocery store, and they're so fixated on someone helping them that they, like the dumbasses they are, walk their dumb asses right past the item they're so helplessly unable to find. Fuck you.


As city squirrels, the bodybuddy/lifemate and I live in a fairly small city, as far as cities are concerned, at a population around one million people, and so, it should be no surprise that if one lives in the heart of the city, it's loud. Not so loud that there's anything to complain about, in my opinion, but loud, nonetheless. And in this loud city, people drive their cars around with the volume of their music turned up insanely loud. This is not a frequent occurrence, maybe a handful of drivers in the course of a day.  

It was one of these drivers who gave me the idea for a random-ass Stories post to my 'gram (not currently active, for the foreseeable future) when said driver drove by with his (it's always a his) music so loud that I could clearly hear the unmistakable eight notes of the beginning of the song of my young adulthood. 

And so, I made a Stories on a blank, black slide with the following text in white:

Yea Yea Yea

Yea Yea


And one person liked this post. 

I was thrilled, obviously, because, let's be real, people suck, but it was awesome, because I always feel a bit like a crazy person when I post anything to social media, and so, to find that there exists a mind out there who got it felt good. 


The reason why I love the character of Mrs. George Russell is because she is American. That "can-do" attitude is what annoys the shit out of the rest of the world. 

*obviously, i lie!