03 December 2023

I cannot imagine what a living hell it must be to have social-media metrics determine your economic livelihood.

Threads sucks balls, not because the platform sucks, but rather, because the people who use the platform suck, duh. It's pretty simple math, here, lol. 

I've seen about half-a-dozen posts with this general sentiment:

"I/She/They/We have X amount of followers! My/Her/Their/Our engagement (i.e. any of the social media metrics) has tanked since, blah blah blah, and waaah, how unfair, the app is BROKEN!" 

First of all, my heart goes out to anyone whose economic livelihood is determined by social media stats. Secondly, that's some stone-cold entitlement, sheesh, I almost cannot even talk about it. I shan't, not because I can't, but because I shan't. 

Third, I do not understand what people do not understand about social media. I simply do not know what happened. So, here I go, I'm going to try to lame-ass explain why social media sucks, in general. 

Social media is not the internet. One must be a "member" of social media. One creates an account, and now you can see everyone on that platform who is also a "member." Not everyone on the internet is a fucking member of this shit, and so, you're only ever going to get eyeballs from people who use the platform, and sure, it seems like the "whole world" is on social media, but it isn't. 

If I do not have an account with whatever social media platform to which one posts, I will not ever see that post. It may come up in a search, but then I'll have to log in. Maybe I'll get a glimpse of it, but I cannot interact with it unless I log in. If I'm not an account holder/member, I'm obviously not going to hit that link. And if I am a "member" of a certain platform, I will only see your post when I'm on the platform. There's no accidentally bumping into it if I'm not in the app. 

A website, however, is the internet. Nobody needs an account to see this post that you're reading, right now. This post is available to anyone who gets on the world wide web to search for shit. It's just out there, for any and all to see if they stumble upon it or if they search for something, and I've written something relevant about it, etc. 

This is not what social media does. When one posts to social media, your post is trapped behind login credentials. Your post is only being seen by others on the platform. My posts, on the other hand, can be seen by anyone, anywhere in the world, with an internet connection, no credentials, no login, my site is visible for all to see. 

And my stats are proof of organic growth. And I love it. Thank you for reading. 

And so, when I say that it must be a "living hell" to have any part of your economic well-being attached to your social media stats, this is what I'm fucking talking about. I would bet big money that there are zero social media accounts that look like exponential growth. They look like the opposite of exponential growth. Doom, in other words, in my opinion. 

Nevertheless, social media is fun. I think that it has a place in this world as a place to have fun. But this version of capitalism-as-usual has, obviously, ruined the fun of most fun things, and thusly, I would like to encourage any would-be users of social media to understand that to live on socials is no life at all. To job on socials is to participate in a game that is really a box inside which there is nothing else except others like you, all trying to do the same thing, make money off of eyeballs, the Great Circle-Jerk, if you will, lol. 

And then, with regards to Threads, and some of the threads that I've been seeing posted there, it's becoming blatantly clear that america, as a society, has come to the place of its final demise—the policing of language—free speech. 

In my opinion, american humans—as the current global empire—not necessarily humanity at large, could really use a good hard look inside ourselves and have a deep think about how we, american humans, are so rich and idle that our powers that be have the time to police language; the thing, in my opinion, that is the final sign of an empire about to fall.

And any powers that be, that is capable of successfully policing language IS, quite literally, the definition of dictatorship. Do NOT get it twisted. A power that is that can professionally ruin you is no victim but rather, the victor, exerting its power over the powerless. 

p.s. american is also an adjective, as, technically, if you respected the human behind the person, you'd refer to them as an american human. you know, like the way some people believe that since "female" is an adjective, one ought to refer to a human of the "female" sex as a "female" human, etc.