17 December 2023

True or False

Squirrels never get what they don't deserve.

[Untitled] Light Paintings V.I

The birds are lovers.

[Untitled] Light Paintings V.II

While living on the back of a sea turtle's shell, my wouldbe bodybuddy/lifemate swam (badly) from the net upon which he lived, onto the shell of my turtle, as my turtle swam by.
After a brief, quick sniff of each other,
we promptly fucked,
and then we lived, together, alone on our turtle for the rest of eternity,
paying rent by keeping our turtle's shell clean.*

[Untitled] Light Paintings V.III

*this is not an original idea, as we (the bodybuddy/lifemate and i) have started Planet Earth III, and in episode two, "Oceans," this is one of the story lines about a crab named columbus, etc.