09 January 2024

January in forthcoming writings that may or may not come to fruition, because [i have this friend who says because like, becahwoose, through her delectable accent, and i love it, so that's always how i say it, in my head, only sometimes aloud], like, people change.

A List

☺ When considering what trait creates "The Many," it becomes abundantly clear that humanity—in all of its so-called intellectual capacity—has failed to understand that we are all humans, because, The Law must be put into words, and the definition of "human" cannot be summed up in words, alone, and yet, we, as a society, instead of bickering about how "unique" we are, are all just bags of bones, so why are we not fighting for humanity, us, ourselves, human life. Oh, cause we can't agree on the definition of "human"? Fuck you.

The Balls We Carry

I started waiting tables at a local joint with outdoor seating on an enormous patio overlooking the River, when I was seventeen, the summer before my junior year of high school, and worked there for two summers. And then I moved up in the world and waited tables at a fine-dining restaurant, again with an enormous outdoor dining space, less the River, during the summers between college semesters. And while working at the fine-dining place, I met a young woman (twenty-five at the time to my twenty) who put this whole jobbing thing into a perspective for me that not only changed my life at that time but also, that has guided me through my entire life, thus far.

☺ Taking Inventory

My Current Beauty Routine (named products included)

Maybe one other thing?

I'd rather be shivved than sliced.

☺ On Being Antigone (metaphorically speaking)

Becoming rich is not about hoarding cars or buying diamonds; it's about surviving the very near, very expensive future. Think about how everyone is already bitching about how expensive "the necessities" have become, and you can bitch about it as much as you want and complain about how it "shouldn't" be this way, or you can accept that change will not happen any time soon, that it must be forced through the sheer will and might of the "haves," and the only way to get the "haves" to care about the "have-nots" is to become a "have" who remembers what it was like to be a "have-not" and want to help as many as you can, and that's asking a lot, but the economic reality is that the majority of humans on this planet will not make it into the very expensive future, free, so your options are to keep on complaining as you spend yourself into the poor house or you can quit your bitching, put your head down and swim, swim hard and fast and don't stop until you reach economic freedom. I guarantee you, those who decide to do otherwise will not make it into the very near, very expensive future.