13 January 2024

It is my truest hope. The only thing for which I've realized I am willing to live...YOU getting rich.

Privatization is Capitalism, just fyi.

It seems like this is a basic piece of financial literacy, that the "every person" seems like they simply do not understand, for reasons that are beyond me *sigh*

Thus, Capitalism-as-Usual is the privatization (in this so-called democracy, cause, like, places with mummies for monarchs have a different definition of "private," etc.) of any and everything so that a dollar can be made by someone through the idea of "private ownership."

[we're gonna make a quick detour here, cause, like, put the fucking punctuation inside the goddamn closing quotation mark, unless, the quote-un-quote quote is a literal quote, and always when the punctuation serves as the grammatical gateway back into the unquoted portions of your writing. gah.]

What does privatization look like? 

It looks like gutting taxpayer-funded healthcare services so that some asshole can own a hospital and then charge a "market price" for services related to healthcare. 

It looks like gutting taxpayer-funded schools in favor of charter schools so that some asshole can own a school and charge a "market price" for services related to education.

It looks like gutting taxpayer-funded housing in favor of home ownership so that all you assholes who want to own a house must buy and sell said house at a "market price" for something that resembles ownership but is more like a ponzy scheme. 

etc., etc., &c.

Capitalism is thusly fueled by Capital.

It begins with the fact that a group of rich women will have even more money if they pool their money together, toward one goal. Less individual risk, greater group reward.

Let's say I want to do something expensive. Just for the ease of math, let's say it costs $100. If I put in twenty-five buckaroos with three friends, then our loss potential is only $25, but we have a whole $100 to invest, so any amount that we profit is a win. And then we divvy up the cash equally, in this case.

So, all that the stock market is is a complex extension of this.

A company, when it reaches or surpasses a certain scale of profitability, "goes public," and makes itself available for people to "share" in future profits. If you buy a share, you own a portion of that company, and then when that company earns profits, the profits are considered to be earned by everyone who owns a share of the company, a slice of the pie, as it were, but we all know that the profits are earned by the people on the ground who do the day-in-day-out grunt jobs that make this fucking world go round. 

Most companies, these days, are owned by so many people that a handful of uber-wealthy groups own the majority of the 500, but that doesn't mean that you, yes, you, as a measly little hourly-wage earner, cannot also own some tiny fraction of a percent. You can, quite literally, make a few hundred dollars each year without doing anything at all, except investing some cash in companies listed on stock markets. 

It's all very possible, even for the ... less intelligent, which means that it's highly doable for any person of average intellect. You may not get like billionaire-level rich, like I will, but you CAN set yourself up nicely for the very expensive future, etc. 

Remember how like the Boomers got left behind and were forced out of their jobs a little too early because some of them were unable to keep up with the advancements of technology?

Well, that's what's going to happen to everyone who cannot figure out how to make money while they sleep. If you cannot navigate this New Age of Capitalism-as-Usual, you will not financially survive the very, very expensive future. There are not enough hours in a day to work hourly-wage labor and survive. 

I say this over and over again, and I will continue to say it over and over:




I could talk about money all day, and I'm most easily available through Threads, Electronic Mail, and IG Live.

i HOPE you get rich.