02 April 2023

we don't have a full-length mirror [never have], so i asked the bodybuddy/lifemate to take my pic outside so that i could see myself in my #newboots + an OOTD!

&when he showed me the playback on the first picture, I looked at him ...

... &I looked at him ....

... &I looked at him ...

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry. We're out here for boot pics." 


ima gif! refresh if i look like a still :)

from top to bottom

brown sunnies (walmart usd$15 before tax &shipping when applicable) late 2022
grey hoodie sweatshirt (walmart $10) c 2020 
&spray painted &embroidered w/a design of my own making
blue jeans (uniqlo ₩25,000) c 2014
삼각밥 pin (a local shop in Seoul 2/₩5,000 &we got four, two baps, a ketchup and a mustard) c 2016
long black bomber (노원 롯데백화점 ₩100,000) c 2016
black boots (timberland $89) c 2023