09 April 2023

&upon waking, i know where it is i need to go, what it is i need to do

i have to be really well rested in order to reach out to my dreams 

when they reach out to me during that just-as-i-lose-consciousness state before a nap but, like i said, 

not in need of a nap. 

for it is within that moment, 

that moment of slipping consciousnesses, from conscious consciousness to unconscious consciousness, etc., 

a moment of psychological, what's the word, because i do not wish to attach any form of negative connotation to the process, but so, like, perhaps, something like, instability?, 

wherein my mind is not as sharp, 

and thus, 

my deep, interior subconscious mind can reach out, 

for that fragile moment in time, 

that tiny opening in space, 

and i can see myself, clearly but for a moment,

a single photon hitting my consciousness.