21 December 2022

Got gifted a new toy-camera for successfully navigating another sail around a star named Sun, immediately tested it out on myself, duh, and then, tested it out on an outing (video test footage forthcoming on theTube), forgot to set the date/time, loving the image quality on what is, essentially, a toy, &you may read my thoughts in the pics' captions to get the 'full story,' if one must, which one assumes one does, since one is here, observing what it is that I 'put out.'

A Note

I find the task of explaining the nuances of what I find compelling about this new camera's image-quality daunting. Thus, I have only uploaded boosted images as opposed to RAW. Yes, they are edited, but they have only been edited in such a way so as to "boost" the original quality of the image that the camera provided. 

And so, these images are basically the closest thing to the original that I'm willing to upload for the masses (or half-dozen of you who visit this site, regularly, lol), cause I have an aesthetic standard to maintain.

Generally speaking, I find the image-quality of this particular camera to be quite fun. It's interesting. The combination of high megapixels and a shitty little lens has made for some compelling images, compelling light atmosphere, etc. But I'm also a perfectionist who is striving to be less so, and so, in the name of betterment, I've uploaded these nearly-raw first-images taken on my new* digital camera, the "Digital Camera | DC-01"
(yes, this is literally the name of the camera, and yes, I love it, the name, and well, also the camera, so far).

i woke up at exactly 1234 on what was the anniversary of my being pushed through the vagina
of my birth mother, into this world, as LIFE created to live as a being called "human,"
and within an hour or so, opened one of my gifts, a new digital camera,
charged the already loaded battery and then the spare,
turned the thing on, popped out its front-option viewfinder,
and then, i took this picture.
And so, this is officially, the first picture I took on the thing.

this is the second pic i took,
and it began to gimme a little insight into
the potential that this camera holds with regards to its image-quality.
Below (the left pic) is the first pic I took of the bodybuddy/lifemate,
obviously, and the right pic is just classic.

there are no on-board settings
(like, there are no buttons or options to manually manipulate
any settings in the viewfinder, in camera mode,
except to turn the flash on/off, use the timer or zoom),
that means that the light meter has to fall in some middle-ground,
that means that brighter spots are always gonna be a bit "hot,"
which you can see exemplified in the two pics below,
and in the bottom right pic, you can see the image-quality
to which I keep referring, and the bottom left pic
is me realizing the shutter delay.

finally getting the hang of it
by the end of our outing

*this is the seventh digital camera (I can't even recall all of the film cameras of my past, sigh) that I've owned since 2004. I am not what one might consider a "collector," because really, I use them, regularly, but I do collect cameras. Obviously, my first three cameras are essentially defunct, and I don't have them anymore, but I do currently have four digital cameras in my possession (not including any digital devices with cameras), with access to a fifth (the bodybuddy/lifemate's GoPro), and I now use three of them, regularly. The two cameras I use serve two completely different purposes, and now, the bodybuddy/lifemate has given me a third camera that will have a use/purpose all its own. This is the sort of "collector" that I am, if anyone was curious.