12 December 2022

Dei's Last Day

Squirrel quickly wriggles out of the palm of Jei's hand after the Lingerer, fluffs her tail and bats her long-long eyelashes at Ladybug. "What. The. Hell. Lady," Squirrel flirts. 

"You know, those who peddle their looks have nothing else going for them," Ladybug states, flatly, while it settles upon the tip of Squirrel's nose. "And you know that I have a lot more going for myself than just my looks," Squirrel explains with a sultry voice as she flicks Ladybug off her nose, fluffs her tail and bats Ladybug into the nearby window overlooking the Listmaker's Ranch. 

Apathetic to Squirrel's sexuality, in general (not her specific femaleness), Ladybug gently coaxes a crooked wing back into its casing just so, and then Ladybug launches off the windowsill, wings unfurling from its spotted case, huffs as it lands on Jei's shoulder, exasperated, the one crooked wing from before requiring further coaxing to retract back in its shell. "Squirrel, this is an urgent matter!" 

"Well, one shouldn't insult one needs in a matter of urgency," Squirrel flirts, "Besides, I know it's urgent. My arrival is what has made this whole matter urgent, Lady. You know this." 

"So spit it out!" Ladybug demands from Jei's shoulder down at Squirrel perched adorably upon the palm of Jei's hand. 

Squirrel points at Dei, "A light cannot continue to shine from a source that dims with each passing day." 

"What are you talking about?" Dei asks. "Shush," Ladybug shushes, "What do you mean, from a source that dims with each passing day?" 

"The acquisition of knowledge dispels most myths regarding magic and ..." Squirrel pauses. "And what?" Ladybug whispers. And then Dei's quiet whisper fills the lamp's post, "Religious belief." 

"Yes," Squirrel nods, somberly, whispering. With head still respectfully bowed, Squirrel folds her hands into themselves, "I'm sorry to be the bearer of such bad news, but this transition period is one we have all been waiting for, for a very very long time now." Squirrel looks around the interior space of the lamp's post to acknowledge every being momentarily existing in the space together. 

"Dei," Ladybug attempts. "I know, Ladybug," Dei sighs. "Well, but what do we do now?" Ladybug asks with as much gentleness as he can muster. "Well," Squirrel begins, being chipper but respectful, "I did bring the Lingerer." 

In unison, Squirrel, Ladybug, Dei and Jei look to the cat licking itself on the seat upon which Dei was sitting moments before. "Just because I know everything doesn't mean it's my job to tell you," the cat purrs between licks of its crotch. Disgusted, Ladybug's fire returns as it flies down to the arm of the chair upon which the cat sits, middle arms akimbo, top arms flailing about, crooked wing unsheathed, "Can you, at the very least, tell us what to do next or where to go?" The cat stretches one of its back legs high into the air as it gives the leg a full lick from anus to toe, "No." "And people wonder why I hate cats?" Ladybug huffs as it makes its way to Dei's shoulder. 

"We have less than one day to find a new monitor," Squirrel states flatly, and then flirtatiously she suggests, "The Listmaker must know." "The Listmaker knew before we did that Dei was not going to be a good fit, so why did he bring her here?" Jei, having stood silently for some time now, finally pipes in. 

Ladybug looks at Squirrel, "Can you travel the gelly?" Squirrel doesn't answer, hops out of Jei's palm, bounds toward the Barn's barn door, and jumps head first, parabolic tail following perfectly behind, into the gelly. "Yea, okay," Ladybug scoffs while motioning to Dei, Jei, and the cat that they are traveling onward, as opposed to backward as they all make their way through the Barn's barn door gelly to the Listmaker's house, on the Listmaker's ranch.