02 October 2022

A Poem, Some Thoughts, &a Reminder (to myself) | Happy Fucking October!

A Love Conditional

If your mother’s love is conditional, then her love is one that’s mystical, 

For the only people bound to an unconditional love are those who bring forth life into this world, as a child to raise, and for a parent to set conditions for a love unconditional is a parent not to be praised. 

Since you can feel the you in you you know you can be, believe in that you, the you that is free.

Give up the conditions of a conditional love, and go seek a hug from someone who knows that first and foremost, you are to be loved.

on Scrutiny

In my mind, christianity is basically the grassroots from whence Whiteness spawned. “Unless you’re perfect, don’t dare try to improve others,” I hear them say. What’s that Bible verse about how you shant point out the splinter in someone else’s eye if you have a stick in yours, etc.? Well, I think that’s a load of crap, and there’s an entire continent of Asians who would agree with me, I think. It’s so White to think that nobody, unless s/he is PERFECT, should ever give you a lick of advice or feedback or helpful criticism on either your physical appearance &or your intellectual capacity, etc. This is why the White Male exists, btw. Dare not scrutinize me, because a) I am a self-defined idiot; I don’t actually know anything &or b) cause nobody can scrutinize me except my lord and savior, White Jesus christ. I will be judged upon my death at the gates of heaven, blah, blah, blah, by god! White women are included in this, obvs, but I am using the christian “Man” to signify all men, people, the patriarchal way to describe HUMANITY, etc. 

Meghan* & Harry

I never realized that not liking your family was essentially equivalent to being a sexual predator, etc., but I guess raping women is a votive compared to the monarchical conflagration (this is legitimately the first time I’ve been able to use this SAT vocab word in like a genuine way, cray) of multi-national genocide over centuries, over continents that his grandmother, Elizabeth the Deuce, was more than capable of accepting as nothing more than the past.

*I know a Meghan and a Megan and a Meagan (there are probably more variations on the spellings?), and honestly, I can’t believe there are so many spellings to the same fucking white-girl names; it’s so weird. 

To My Future Self: A Reminder

She’s recently been outed as a billionaire. An old friend approaches. 

“So?” the friend asks. 

“Yes, of course,” the billionaire responds, “I’ll pay.” 

Seriously. October is my favorite month. I hope it's as good for you as I know it'll be for me.