04 March 2022

Some Thoughts on Some Stuff | 2022 February Edition

Or “Notes & Errata” (w/pictures)

On Menstruation 

You walk into the kitchen for some now-forgotten reason; a snack, you remember, but it’s baking right now, so a snack while your snack bakessome already-dipped-into stash of Hot Cheetosbut you haven’t started your period yet, and the Cheetos are technically "period snacks," so tortilla chips it is cause there’s some leftover salsa drying in a little dipping sauce container that sat out on the counter all night. 

Exact Change

Have you ever watched—like seen with your own two eyes—a 2020s white twenty-something cashier count change? To do so gives one little hope for the white American future. *yikes*

Reasons Due To Misogyny

Men are disincentivized to uplift women.

The Future Future

When will the real future get here, cause this in-between, nearly-there version totally fucking sucks. 

Future Obits—"The Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert Disintegrates Into Obsolescent Irrelevance Due To Colbert’s Obvious Lack of Friends and Staff of Color.” 

IF we are already living in, plugged into the/a “simulation,” then there’s absolutely no way of knowing how “good” it is, how “right” it is. 

... the 10 of the 90/10 breaks down into 90/10 and so on and so forth ... 

The difference between being able to convince someone that you understand what they are explaining to you and you being able to describe something so that someone else may understand what you are explaining is the difference between being a light-weight versus heavy-weight intellectual.

&In Images

last of the wintertime shadow play

give up, yet?

newest batch #kimchi