08 March 2022

In Good Company w/ Timnit Gebru, Christine Sun Kim, &Mila (Ashton) Kunis (Kutcher)

... on/for "International Women's Day" (which, for me, ends up sounding a bit confusing bc I do not know if it is a day for "international women" or if it is a day globally celebrating all women, and I know that it is the latter, but the name of this day, a celebration of all the women of the world, is a bit ... condescending, nevertheless, I've decided to celebrate a few international women [meaning they embody international identities and their impact is of an international scale, and yes, I typically do not participate in these sorts of bromides, especially when considering the fraught nature of defining "woman," but I have a small stockpile of seeming-women to highlight and so, figured I'd share some of them] today, thru my mediocre series)  ... one of these is not like the others. 

re Timnit Gebru

"It was like, You built this thing, but mine is even bigger," ... "When you have that attitude, you're obviously not thinking about ethics." —Timnit Gebru for TIME (18January22)

"Gender Shades: Intersectional Accuracy Disparities in Commercial Gender Classification*"

 *Download our gender and skin type balanced PPB dataset at gendershades.org 

 "On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language Models Be Too Big?" [parrot icon]

re Christine Sun Kim


"Deaf Power"
iconography w/ its original creator unknown,
championed by Christine Sun Kim and Ravi Vasavan

re Mila (Ashton) Kunis (Kutcher)

Don't be fooled, the Kunis-Kutcher brand had plans to off-load probably about $3M this year in "charitable" donations, i.e. taxable deductions. They will gain, financially, someway, somehow, by "giving away money." This is the inherent flaw of "charity," especially within the capitalism-as-usual playing grounds of capitalism-as-usual.  

Are the Ukrainians fortunate enough to have a nouveau riche American celebrity care about their plight because she is of them? Absolutely. Can anyone truly know the intention of any person? Absolutely not.