04 March 2024

While High-Achievers sharpen and hone themselves to get the things that they need &or want to get done, Low-Achievers are wondering why they can't just be them, like, 'Let me do me!' Frankly, Low-Achievers are basic, average, a blunt instrument. If you want to rise, you're gonna have find comfort in effort, which, by definition, is uncomfortable. Oh, wait, Low-Achievement 101 requires a complete disinterest in working yourself to your greatest, full potential, lol. So, never mind, this piece is not for you. *frowny face*

The worst part about being a high-achiever is that you're outnumbered, like ten to one, generally speaking. The best part about being a high-achiever is that you get it done. No matter what it is, high-achievers will bend themselves to get the thing done. Meanwhile, the low-achiever will see the thing that needs to get done and change absolutely nothing within themselves and thusly, will not get the thing done. Low-achievers will take stabs at stuff, but they're never going to make themselves uncomfortable to complete a thing. 

This, to me, is the fundamental difference between a high and low achiever. 

Some people are perfectly fine with seeing the bar in front of them and not clearing it.

Others are not content with this outcome. Others, the high-achievers, will do what they can to clear the bar. They will stay up late. They will cram for that exam. They will sweat at their measly jobs. They will go go go until the thing is done. And not because someone is forcing them to. High-achievers find the greatest satisfaction in having completed something, anything, really.

The low-achiever *shrugs* with a *meh* and vehemently shouts, "Let me do me!"

No problem. Do you, girl. And don't fucking complain that you don't have what you want, that you've not done what needs to be done, that you are not where you want to be. 

Or embrace the discomfort of effort and sweat, cry, study, learn, grow, stretch yourself so that whatever it is that's in front of you gets done. Then that thing is done and you can go on with your life and get something else done, which begs the question, What do low-achievers want? 

Nothing? To be handed everything?


When we spectated the Honolulu Marathon back in December, it was so apparent who was average, and it was the perfect visual metaphor for mediocrity. The number of people who trampled by at the average pace was almost overwhelming, and the craziest part was that most people were perfectly content being in that enormous middle pack, because, what?, at the very least, you're in Good Company? If you're achievement falls in line with the large middle curve, then you're doing just fine, right? Sure, Low-Achiever, you're just like everyone else! #goals.

Why are so few of us content within the mediocrity of the middle?

Why do so many take comfort in being average, among everyone else, the mediocre?

Where are my people?!?!