04 November 2023

My Life in the Circle Jerk (a poem)

"Everyone wants an audience 
even if the life on display is mundane. 

Everyone wants a pat on the back 
even when nothing has been accomplished. 

Everyone wants a break 
even though the working hours were spent half-ass-ed.

Everyone wants criticism to shut the fuck up 
while ignoring how positive criticism creates critical thinking. 

Everyone wants negativity out, thinks it cruel 
even though the comments are made upon a life 
purposely shared in public. 

Everyone wants to get sucked off 
even if that means sucking the cock of the guy to the right 
in order to get sucked off by the guy on the left. 

Everyone loves an audience."


— My Life in the Circle Jerk (a poem) via chapter "Everyone Wants" 
from Red & Blue Make Green p 25 by TK Camas (2016)