19 August 2023

Monfri plus one Friyay, because we, as millennials, have a responsibility to show the next generation that jobbing, going to a fucking job, and spending most of your free waking hours at some goddamn job, is normal, one-hundred percent, absolutely fucking normal, and because i keep the highlights to myself, cause the internet deserves nothing more than the scraps, so don't get it twisted thinking that i'm serving up any flex or brag through my pics & posts, ugh. You're clueless unless you're experiencing me in the flesh.

Dream job? I don't dream of jobbing. 

Striving toward wealth has nothing to do with not wanting to work, and yes, working and jobbing are two completely different things. If you need an explainer, then you prolly need to read more, in general, nevertheless, I will explain myself.

A job is where you go make money for someone else or some entity owned by shareholders (people who have invested in a company that is financially made available to the public to invest in, financially). You are doled out meager wages (your hourly wage, e.g. the federal minimum wage in these United States is $7.25/hr., which means that every hour you are at a job, on the clock, for your employer, they MUST pay you no less than $7.25 for every hour that you are on the clock) in exchange for "doing" (in quotes bc it's apparent that some people do not actually have to do their jobs well) some meager task(s). 

The company at which I am currently employed, has a $12 (and some change) minimum, which means that they pay its employees more than the federal minimum. 

My point is that the wages, no matter what they are, are meager. When compared to the wages earned by those who sit in cubicles, the wages of the people who actually do the on-the-ground jobs are criminally low. Physical labor is no more or less valuable than brain labor. This is a simple fact. 

That's jobbing.

Work is all the stuff you do to make money for yourself and/or your own business/companies. Decades may pass as you work with zero income coming in, thus you job for someone else in the meantime. My work largely consists of thought thinking and word working. THE thing for which the world absolutely hates to pay. Ironically, nobody wants to pay for it because they think that anybody can do it because everyone knows how to do it, but this does not mean that anyone does it well. 

And so, I toil away at my work as a thought thinker and word worker. 

My weeks consist of spending five of my glory-given days at some job that doles me out meager wages, and I have the few hours in-between sleeping and on weekends to work my work. I am allotted two days off every five days from my job, and over time, I accrue sick pay, vacation days, float days, and meager retirement funds. Basically, the job that I currently hold is one that pays me so poorly that I will have to literally die before I could quit my job. Well, not ME, specifically, cause I have the sort of financial intelligence that this will not be the case for ME, but for "me" as a day-jobber, the larger "you," will have to work until we die. 

This is the case for most people, and so, the fact that GenZ is not getting out there and jobbing is troubling to me, and one of the main reasons why I think they have failed to understand that the internet does not dole out money the way that it thinks it does is because of social media. They are under this impression that they can somehow "make it" online, go viral, have a following that financially sustains them. This is never going to happen to YOU. It's like winning the lottery, and people who play the lottery as their "job," well, go out and find that person and meet them, and find out how "great" their life is, etc.

Anyway, my point is that we all need to come to terms on SOCIALS that we all go to a fucking job; we all job for someone, like little beggars being doled out cash to show up and do some meager jobbing tasks, etc., etc., etc. And we're supposed to be grateful for these titans of industry employing us. Barf. But seriously, we're supposed to be grateful. 

Also, this is capitalism. But that's a post for another time. Well, actually, that's an entire website of posts that I've already written and uploaded elsewhere, that "where" being LOPSIII.com, that's "lop-see" dot com. 

*sigh* Happy Saturday, lol. 

Get a fucking job! 

finally had enough energy
to cook after jobbing
the poor bodybuddy/lifemate
has been coming up with and cooking
all of our meals for like two months

I looked at my phone at 0123
quickly got onto IG
used the daily filter I love so much
bc it specifically only works in-app
(no fudging the day/time)
&snapped this selfie
nailed it.

a co-production
w/ the bodybuddy/lifemate

I'm not entirely sure why
but it has taken me two and a half months
to realize that I haven't used our lanai
so we started using it

the bodybuddy/lifemate and I
job the same shift on M/W/F
he works T/R
naturally, we take our breaks together
is the best.

a nondescript pic of our friyay
cause its a buncha noneya
the highlights are for that afk life