09 July 2023

finally, my photography archive, FIND.YUMMY.LOVE., is no longer littered with fucking-fugly ads! visit findyummylove.com to determine whether or not you should share your opinion with me about it on IG; or don't.

On Instagram, I saw one of my fave accounts, @wemakesthree (&fellow wordpress user wemakesthree.com), post a Gudetama mug! It made me miss the sticker on my old computer, so I hopped on my photography archive site, Find.Yummy.Love., and found it, &then, I was disillusioned by how difficult it was to find, that I ended up changing my entire site's Theme, etc., &then, since I was on the site for the first time in a very long time, I figured I'd finally buy the domain, not so that I could have it or make money off the site, but rather, in order to remove the fucking-fugly ads that litter my photos!

Thusly, I present to you, the updated FINDYUMMYLOVE.COM


the bodybuddy/lifemate already gave me his opinion when he said,

"But it's a photography site; how will anyone know?"

to which I replied,

"That's not the point."