13 April 2023

a walk + a flower field

... "but, Ladybug ..."

"No butts, Lingerer. Do not wallow in the past where your failures reside. Make your fails your friends who will teach you and guide you so that you are not alone on your journey. Press on! Into the future and smile for the moment when you will finally succeed," Ladybug demands. 

The cat turns about itself, stands for a moment, then finally sits itself into a little loaf, "But, Ladyb ..."

"No butts, Lingerer. Your future cannot unfold without you," Ladybug reminds. 

"But, Ladybug!" the Lingerer, standing now, is finally able to shout aloud.

Ladybug buzzes and lands on the tip of the cat's nose, arms akimbo, taunting. 

"Bu, but, Ladybug. I'm sad," the Lingerer whimpers, barely audible.

"Oh," Ladybug relaxes and slumps onto its haunches as the cat sits back, eyes closed, nose pointing to the ground. 

After a moment of sitting, understanding, Ladybug suggests, "There's a flower field not too far from here. I visit it all the time to see my favorite blooms and my favorite friends. Wanna go for a walk?"

The cat stands and flicks Ladybug up off its nose and onto the top of its head, "Yes." 

in my nonfiction life, i received this bouquet of "we'll miss you" flowers
&a carrot cake from my manager and coworker yesterday,
bc we (the bodybuddy/lifemate and i) are embarking on
the next chapter of our lives with a relocation to the State of Hawai'i, USA