01 September 2022

In the Embers, n/Now., We Glow. | In Good Company w/ Jazmine Sullivan, Oh! Stephco, &Megan Thee Stallion

 re Jazmine Sullivan 

I'm obviously not breaking any news here when I say that I fucking love Jazmine Sullivan, and yes, I am late to the game, but at least I did know of her before her Grammy (and she was robbed!, I say, robbed!), so there's that. 

My point is simply that my love for Sullivan stems from her ability to articulate the relationship that women have to their pussies. I identify greatly with the way that she expresses her own opinion of her own pussy, and I am truly so grateful. She even goes beyond what I have been able to do for myself (I think I've always had a positive relationship with my pussy, cause, well, I've not had any "problems," etc., so what else is a fem to think?) by truly making me feel deep feels for my pussy, a deep appreciation for her and all she does, especially while menstruating (like I am now, in great need of Sullivan's Pussy Power). 

Here are a few go-to lines that make me feel especially proud of my puss:

"That's why he gets all my time, 'cause he put it down" 

Heaux Tales "Put It Down"

"That money keeps that pussy wet"

Heaux Tales "Price Tags"

"I got the best pussy in the world" ...

"Great pussy is the best flex"

Heaux Tales, Mo’ Tales: The Deluxe "BPW"

I hope these lines help to bring some Pussy Power into your life, if they haven't already ;)

re Oh! Stephco

I watched a new video of hers, recently, and she said something that I've been wanting to say for quite some time now, but I haven't taken the opportunity to say it out loud because I've been working on working the words into the next installment of my fiction, nevertheless, Oh! Stephco has spoken the words out loud, and her saying them (along with me hearing them) has made me introspective about why I haven't said it out loud, yet. And I'm not saying that these words are anything that hasn't been said before, no. These are not words that have yet to ever be spoken. In fact, I've come to see them as a kinda cliche, within circles wherein this type of feeling is felt.

I'll keep you in suspense, no longer:

"I feel like I've always had to make space for other people."

Oh! Stephco "Meghan Markle Didn't Like Being Treated 'As a Black Woman.' I Wonder Why?"

re Megan Thee Stallion

Billionaire aspirations are becoming apparent. And I'd bet, she gets there faster than anyone else in history, not as in being the youngest ever, but in her acquisition of wealth by her age/wealth timeline. 

Get it, Thee!

And hopefully, I'll see all yuhs on "The Other Side."