11 August 2022

Feeling poetic after a priceless journey to a distant Korean market #HMartHaul | Sailor's Log No. 22.08A.01

Adoption Ignorance (of the Ignoring kind)

Sometimes she decides not to participate,
because what she may find, she may hate;
then the exercise becomes one that's supposed to cleanse,
but now all she can see is her life through that lens. 

"esse quam videri"

The regional bus system, RTD, in Colorado, is running a "Zero Fare for Better Air" initiative (via some grant), which means that our local/regional bus system is FREE for the month of August! Thus, we've decided to utilize this program and take the bus to places we can not reach on our bikes. We went to our nearest Korean market, HMart, last week, and on the way, we had to transfer busses in Boulder (our old college stomping grounds ;), and thus, we popped into Laughing Goat for a writing date with coffee&croissant. Yum. 

&then, she may wonder about how much Korean-ness she is entitled to?

All of it. 
Or none of it. 
Or some of it. 
Or any made up version of it.

Care not about those who dare to challenge you.

&so, she makes plans for the Korean ingredients she misses most, &eagerly awaits the launch of their rocket ship, which will make their dreams of living part-time in Seoul, their reality.

Aside from the house shoes I've needed since we left with a pair that I ended up not liking, thus, not wearing, and the absolute need for more "good" chopsticks, since the pairs we left with have been lost, broken or simply disappeared, we picked up the Korean ingredients for which we have been desperate. As car-less bikedestrians, our nearest HMart is quite far away, nevertheless, we typically purchase non-perishables online, but this time, we were able to get the good stuffs!

  • 떡볶이 칩 (ttokppokki chips)
    • Korean snacks are the #bestsnacks
  • 당면 (glass noodles)
    • for 잡채
  • Genmai Cha (green tea/brown rice tea)
    • 현미 녹차 (Korean style) was preferred but was much more expensive :/
  • 김 (gim)
    • for eating, as one will when eating sheets of gim
  • 마늘 (maneul [garlic])
    • cause it was a better price than our local (white) grocery store
  • 고춧가루 (gochutkkaru)
    • i'ma make more #kimchi
  • 서낵면 (Snack Myun [ramyun])
    • one of our favorite ramyun flavors!
  • 고추장, 된장, 쌈장 (gochujang, doenjang, ssamjang)
    • the Korean Trifecta of pastes/sauces
  • 배추 (baechu [napa cabbage])
    • an additional 2.5 kg to add to the 4 kg we picked up from our local (white) grocery store with which i will make a fresh batch of #kimchi
  • 무 (mu [radish])
    • with which i will use half to make #kimchi and 뒌장찌개 with the other
  • 막걸리 (makgeolli)
    • the bodybuddy/lifemate's "BBOAT" (best beverage of all time)
  • 콩나물 (kongnamul [bean sprouts])
    • for eating, as one will when eating sprouts of bean
  • 떡 (ttok [rice cake])
    • cause 떡볶이 is my favorite snack food ... favorite ... not Korean favorite ... just straight up fave.
  • 쌈무 (ssammu [pickled radish])
    • we will buy 삼겹살 and eat it 쌈밥 style 
  • 만두 (mandu [dumplings])
    • for frying and for 찌개
  • 유부초밥 (yubuchobap [fried tofu w/rice] mix)
    • a kit for making the delicious snack 유부초밥!