20 May 2022

Are you an Elitist? Are you White and college or 'college' educated? Then, yes. I can guarantee you that you are.

[DISCLAIMER] I am not a Musk sympathizer, nor am I a Musk-bro (I am an East-Asian female for fuck’s sake), and I strongly support the unscrupulous scrutiny by everyone of Musk—a person with so much wealth so as to be extremely powerful because of said wealth. I am also supportive of the plight of sexual diversity. The points in this following opinion are merely to reflect the status of the Left in the context of what Musk seems to be, at best, critiquing, at worst, attempting to dismantle. Read at your own discretion. 

[TRIGGER WARNING] Triggers exist (one assumes, but since I do not suffer from sexual diversity discrimination, I do not know what does and does not trigger those who do suffer) for those who suffer for their sexual diversity. I’m a writer, and I’m a free agent. I write about whatever I want. You do not have to read or participate in my writing. You were warned. 

[The above are two examples for why I, sun김선sailor, the author of this post, have also come to a place where I hate the Left. I cannot go so far as to support the GOP, however.]


If you do not understand—cis, male, White, South African (a White African, imagine how it is that his existence came to be, by the way) billionaire—Elon Musk’s disparaging remarks regarding the Left and consequent support of the GOP, you are an elitist. An elitist is someone who belongs to a socially defined “better” class of human because you are either highly educated, praised for your education, born into wealth, a product of nepotism, become wealthy, or are a celebrity (for whatever reason)—thereby making you “better” than those who either work hourly-wage jobs or who belong to some arbitrarily labeled “lesser” group. 

What the Lib-tard (yea, sure, “retard” is no longer PC, so I undoubtedly understand how some speech-policing Lib-tards would come after me for appropriating a term that’s so obviously harmful, nevertheless) Left does not seem to understand is how blatantly obviously their elitism shouts. It’s a painful realization I realized not long before I gave up streaming Late-Night “television” (namely, Stephen Colbert once I realized that he’s a Fraud, of the gravest kind, a writing for another time). My point is that the majority of working people are hourly-wage earners, which means that the Lib-tard Left—that’s mostly made up of college educated professionals—are the minority, and yet, they control the majority of the facets of power, namely, the media and technology.

And so, the Lib-tard Left—who have decided to “take on” the priorities of minorities have essentially become Far-Left extreme by policing speech, forcing pronouns, sexual identity issues and individual plights onto the masses, a population that does not have “issues” with such issues that only affect an inconsequential portion of the total population. In short, the Lib-tard Left has driven the vehicle of equality for the majority of minorities into a scattering of individual traits that all must be rectified, acknowledged, praised, accepted, and most importantly, Labeled. Sorry, but the individual plight of each individual means that there are no “issues” because everyone’s tailored issues are issues of equal import, which means that no issues are important, and this sort of society is not sustainable or even reasonable. Like my fellow Millennials know all too well, If everyone’s special, then nobody is, etc. 

If the “Democratic” Democrats were actually for the people, they’d realize that they’re trying really hard to represent a fraction of a fraction of the population—those affected by gender disparities beyond the “binary” equality of men and women—which sadly, as the Lib-tard Left is soon about to find out, is not a large enough voting block to sustain this ridiculous trend towards an ends that demands “equality for all,” a pipe dream.  

This American Dream has become a Nightmare for the Majority of Americans—”straight” cis, natal-gender, biologically organed, organically reproducing humans—because a small fraction of the population has been put on a pedestal of importance by the Lib-tard Left, while the rest of us—”normal” working-class Americans and our needs/issues—are deprioritized because we’re not “sexually ambiguous.” The Majority of Americans' problems do not revolve around their sexuality. Sorry not sorry. The Majority of Americans need infrastructure and jobs, not pronouns and gender-affirming surgery. 

And calling Musk “anti-labor” is a sure sign that the Lib-tard Left does not mix and mingle with those who actually make up the Labor class, because like I said, they’re Elitists. Anyone who has worked an hourly-wage job or socializes with those who do knows that what we need is not gender-affirmation, but jobs that make us feel human, no matter our sexual orientation. “Oh, but that’s what we’re fighting for!” the Lib-tard shouts; “Sexual discrimination is real!” Yea, duh. And you’re saving one, single life at a time as opposed to understanding the larger labor system within which we are all trapped, and that by improving the lives of the MOST people, we will improve the lives of everyone. 

The problem, obviously, is that the GOP confuses White people for being “superior” and they consider themselves the majority of people, when there are many different ways to read demographic data and divide the country into its respective types, and so, when you consider that White people barely hold the majority these days in these United States, in race-based demographics, how is it that the metric with the strongest spotlight demanding equality is that of sexuality as opposed to say, economics? This is what Elon Musk points to when he says that he can no longer support the Lib-tard Left (one imagines. I don’t know him, obviously, and even if I did, I wouldn’t claim to know what he means when he says shit). 

And so, ask yourself, Why is the Lib-tard Left so focused on helping so few, when the problems—such as the wealth gap and climate change—that we all face as American citizens and ultimately, citizens of the world, in this miraculous Land of the Free are shelved and seemingly unimportant to those who make up the “Elite”? 

And then, ask yourself, Why is Musk—a man who ought to subscribe to the elitist mindset—the only person who cares about bringing electric cars and the internet to the masses—while creating tons of jobs, btw—disparaged as an “anti-labor billionaire” by those who are supposed to care about bringing electric cars and the internet (i.e. creating equal access) to the masses? Curious.

"But Musk is just doing it for the money, wealth, fame, power, etc.!" the Lib-tards exclaim. Yea, duh, and also, Musk might actually want to make the world a better place, but like you and me, none of us really knows how. The Lib-tard thinks they know how, but they do nothing. Musk knows that he does not know how but is, at the very least, trying to do what he thinks might work. And in the same way we must not forget that no person/group/type is a monolith, neither is the White Male Billionaire.