06 December 2023

some sun sailing

One of my larger reservations about moving here was that I have always lived where it's cold for winter, snow and all, &I have a deep appreciation for a crisp, biting holiday season, &c. 

And so, when we were thinking and planning about/for our move here, one of my greater concerns was about the weather, that it would be the same, sunny, bright, beautiful, beachy day, all day, every day, week after week, month after month, year, etc., etc., &c., barf, yawn.

Now that we've been situated here for nearly, exactly six months, we've experienced the height of summer as well as the turning of the season into a fall-ish-ness. I know what the locals mean when they say that it doesn't get cold here. It doesn't get like frigid cold, but it does cool off, quite a lot, at night anyway. Days still hit twenty-eight degrees (Celsius, duh)! Nevertheless, the season has changed, and as a first-time experiencer of it, I would describe the transition as a midsommar into early fall. And with the fall comes rain! 

It's been raining, an impressive amount, every day for well over a week. We've been drenched on our walks home from our jobs a few times now. Luckily, the rain has yet to drench us on our walks to job, and hopefully, our luck continues. *fingers crossed* 

Thusly, one of my greater concerns has been resolved, and I am concerned no more. As we sail around the sun from this geographic location, the sun does indeed dip low enough in the sky that the light changes, and I can feel that it's fall. I do not know, yet, if the temperature will actually reach anything that I would consider "winter," but until then, I am more than content to experience any sort of seasonal change, and experiencing it, I am. *sigh*

With the rain also comes fewer beach days, and so, we've started to bathe again. We used to take a bath every day as our form of literal bathing. This changing of seasons has brought the routine back to baths, and it's been great. After only two weekends, so far, missed on the beach, I already miss our dips in the ocean, lol, but this bathing situation is just as pleasant, and so, bathe we will (until we get through the next goal post wherein we travel to Seoul (bday spot) and then to Aspen (xmas + new year's) every year for that good 'ol crisp winter holiday feeling! Until then. *peace*). 

the day we got drenched
i got drenched the day before, all alone

a change in light is, apparently, all i need

we've (the bodybuddy/lifemate and I)
agreed that this is our favorite view
so far, by far