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 2023 The Complete List (of/for reading)

From this point forward, at this particular juncture during my hiatus, I will maintain a reading regime  wherein I read a book a week or fifty-two (52) books per year (whichever comes faster). There will come a day, when I will be forced to time-travel, yet again, and at that point, I will strive for the goal that still looms in the distance—100 books in one revolution around our Sun. Until that time, I will continue to list the books I read here.

Happy Reading!

3. New Animal by Ella Baxter

6. BITCH: on the female of the species by Lucy Cooke [must read]

7. Taste: A Book of Small Bites by Jehanne Dubrow

8. Catching the Light by Joy Harjo [must read]

9. In the Black Fantastic by Ekow Eshun

16. Hawaii's Royal History (New Revised Edition) by Helen Wong and Dr. Ann Rayson

17. Butts: A Backstory by Heather Radke [must read]

18. Where the Line Bleeds by Jesmyn Ward

19. Homie by Danez Smith

20. Felon by Reginald Dwayne Betts

21. My Nemesis by Charmaine Craig

August 2023

24. Manse and Nono: Mama's Here by Shana K. Antoine illustrated by Larisa Lungu

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From Whence We Came

72 in 2021

Bedlam 50 | 2020

2019 Bedlam 40 [originally 50]

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