21 July 2024

a saturday sunrise swim

Saturday Sunrise Swim
taken on a Polaroid IE50FE-NOC
edited in InShot
captured by the bodybuddy/lifemate 

20 July 2024

don't feel threatened by the Illiterati; they frequently find it difficult to get on the same page.

[end note] obviously, i do not really dabble in the wordwork* of jokes and comedy, etc., so if this same sentiment has been expressed by someone, already, in the form of a better joke etc., then i am unaware of it at the time of this writing. sometimes, ideas aren't that good, because they are so obvious, but its obviousness doesn't make the idea any less-funny; it just means it doesn't take a genius to see the funny, etc.

*if you bitch on socials about how people "outright steal [italics mine, cause socials is lame like that, obviously] posts, outright copy and paste!" then you should probably create something of your own, a digital space that you own where, if someone is actually stealing your shit, you can prove it. Like. Duh. but mostly, why the fuck do you care? you honestly think your ideas are so so fucking amazing, so so original? bahahahahahaha!

the bodybuddy/lifemate's turn [&yes, this is seriously turning out to be more of a phlog this month, cause, i'm jobbing at the stupid fucking, ephing, fucking job!!!, {fuck!} six days a week for the foreseeable future, &c., but we are purposefully child-free adults {in essence, free to do whatever the fuck we want, when not at our fucking day jobs, etc.}, &the job is stupid-easy {i just have to walk my ass there, though, and that's the shittiest part of all of this} so don't feel any sorta feels for me; we good *muah* we winning *middle-finger up*]

16 July 2024

a Visitation [in word]

She's nearly prophetic these days

Not necessarily about what

but that

and when

but not exactly

and certainly not why

On the Horizon

the first feelings riding that first photon of the happening 


Everything rides Something

It's hard to know when you've become food

The moment arrives, and before you know it

You're food

the Hierarchy is not not-real

my ability or lack thereof to overcome or succumb will


be better than some and worse than others

Something snatches you

The moment arrives, and before you know it

This is it

She sees

not-because she is special

but rather

because she is willing

Today is not your day

The moment arrives, and before you know it

You wriggle free

I am Free

yet Lost

Arms wide, you fly

The moment arrives, and before you know it

You're hungry

She awakens

And you see her see you

My soul refuses to believe

She stands

You ask why

I ask why

She waits

You wait

I wait

She collects you

You do not resist being collected

I see

She looks at me

You look at me

a Visitation [in image]

catch the video on uTube

14 July 2024


yes, the shirt is/was free Meili merch *yikes*
he, "Aquaman," apparently came by the store
at which i am currently employed
to hawk his vodka

When we're all just waiting around for the next 'big, bad' thing to happen, it IS a relief when the next 'big, bad' thing finally happens.

It's weird to sit down to write about something about which you are definitely not-going to write. 


There are several tactics that can be taken, as a writer, who wants to not-write about something by writing about it. There are several techniques one could use. There are options. Again, I still don't really feel like brain-storming these days, preferring to fly "off the cuff," writing down whatever infiltrates my mind. I think that I would've been a scribe if I had been born during that typa past, etc., and I woulda loved it, except that there's a 99.99% chance that I woulda been born a slave/peasant, so, a girl can dream, just like the girl dreams now *sigh*

Options include, but are not-limited to, metaphors, similes, poetry, essays, jokes, think-pieces *vomits*, acting-like-nothing-happened-type opinions about something else, entirely, opinion pieces about what this all "means" or "signals" *vomits*, equivocations, admissions, story-telling, goddamn, this list ought to have utilized a list-form, or a photo journal of how it affects "me" as a [race-redacted] she/her identifying person who can get pregnant with a vagina &uterus but who does not identify as a woman, cause that's elitist (if this isn't the most patriarchal mindset to adopt as an actual woman who identifies as a biological human female, but who would rather not-be identified by her genitals, cause, to her, being asked to announce or proclaim her pronouns is like being asked to declare whether or not she has a pussy or a cock or neither, and she thinks that it's none of anyone's business except anyone she might want to have sex with, etc., and so would rather simply be referred to by her name, cause to declare herself a "them" has other connotations, again, with regards to her genitalia, genitals, or lack thereof, etc.).

As a side note, it's really fucking irritating to get hit-on by old men-customers at my jobplace. *blech*

So, I guess I'll go with the avoidance option as if none of anything is happening, right now. I don't really do jokes; I obviously have an opinion, and I certainly have opinions on others' opinions, *BAHAHAHAHA*, and the event doesn't "affect" me the way that writers of pieces of that ilk are affected, facts; no need to write an essay or think piece, yet, and I would never waste the precious creative energy that metaphors, poetry and stories require on an event such as this, so, what are my options?

My initial reaction was, "Finally." I'll admit it.

And quite astonishingly, this is the second time this week that I had exactly this feeling of relief. The first time is a story about, well, not-me, and so, I'm hesitant to write about someone else with whom I am in near-daily contact as, as a manager, the person to whom the story belongs, is my "deputy," but I will say this; we (my "deputy" and i) have been waiting around for some time now for some thing to come to pass, and finally, it did, and yes, it is of the same human scale as the other thing that happened that aroused the same exact feeling of social/societal relief. 

The winds of change caressed me, not but one week ago, and I prepared myself.