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"more" ...

"most accurately described (in a professional sense)" 

—because there is no accurate way to know or understand me (just like I cannot get to know or understand you without directly interacting with you) without being (in my case) in my physical presence, and since this domain is (somewhat) under my control, I use this space to outline my life in a professional sense, meaning that I prefer to keep the focus of my online presence about the work that I do and attempt to accomplish, nevertheless, aspects of my actual life are shared from time to time in order to give off the appearance of being a "real human" being.

"as a time-traveling word-worker"

—it is my belief that we are all time-traveling, at all times, and not only that, we're riding a space ship through space, all of us, all the time, and while I'm traveling through time, I use my time to work with words, manipulate them, love them, protect them, and use them to communicate things that cannot simply be known.

"orbital-living choice-architect"

—this is my hoity-toity way of saying urban city squirrel who helps fancy people make decisions, not only now, in present times but also, for the future, which I completely understand makes me sound like a crazy person, but it's true, because our (the bodybuddy/lifemate/Director of Details and my) ideological ideals reveal that the future is not something about which we are to be nonchalant, apathetic, since the future is coming at us all (faster than, perhaps, is ideal for the every-person), we (the same we from the our before) believe in a proactive approach that will hopefully build the groundwork and maintain a framework for an equitable, socially-minded future, long before the structure and foundation are needed and thereby built upon and around.

"thought-thinking do-gooder"

—which is the short version of describing myself as an enthusiastic resource for young adults with the expressed, very specific ideological goal to uplift overlooked, historically disenfranchised young adult talent and provide real-life opportunities that focus on money, what it is, how it works, and what to do with it, and assist in the creation of entrepreneurial endeavors under the LOPSIII model created and maintained by tkscm, limited, that are then owned and operated by these same highly-educated historically disenfranchised young adult talents.

"& one bad-ass-motha-fucking bromide"

—would describe how I would like to be known, and feared, as a person in the flesh.

"striving toward $2.2B in a (textbook) bromidic attempt to prove that in the pursuit of wealth, many many many others should also be winning"

—there, I said it; I want to be a billionaire, and not just because I want to be wealthy beyond measure, an ungodly wielder of power but also, I need to be a billionaire, or at the very least, a multi-millionaire, in order to survive into the very expensive future ... comfortably (and so do you), and I'm not talking luxury comfort, I'm talking basic necessities and how they will be very very expensive in the near-to-far future, and so, simply maintaining what we know today as a "middle-class lifestyle" will require millions, and so, billions is for what I strive, and in the meantime, on my way toward my billions, I will also assist in the creation of other billionaires along my way, along with billion-dollar communities made up entirely of billion-dollar citizens.

re 김선, my Korean name, in full*

—yes, my Korean name translates to Kim Sun, which means that my surname is Kim, and my first name is Sun, which is unusual given that Koreans are typically (very typically despite some Koreans telling me that it's becoming more common, except that I never met a single other person, much less a school-aged child whom I taught during the five years we spent consecutively in the country before making it our second home, with a singular-syllable first name, not once, so I am not sure what to make of this "information") named with two-syllable first names and the father's last name, but if you do not believe me and want to blame the uniqueness of my name to clerical error when adopted to the United States, feel free; what the fuck do I care?, because what I know for Fact is that my birth-grandfather named me, and he named me as such for very specific reasons, and yes, I've met him in person along with my birth-grandmother and their child, my birth-father, oh, and I have a birth-half-sister to whom I'm related through this same birth-father and whom I've also met, oh, and I've also met my birth-mother along with her two sons, my half-birth-brothers. I'm the oldest of four, if all of us were to come together as one happy family (which will never happen). So if you have a problem with my Korean name because you do not believe that I was purposefully named with a singular syllable, or dislike that I use it, go fuck yourself, and then go find my birth-grandfather in Seoul, South Korea, and take it up with him. 
—*and yes, this is all (sadly) very relevant as I have seen the look on the faces of Koreans who ask if I have a Korean name, and when I reveal it, they look at me in a way. It's hard to explain, but it's a mix of "she's so full of herself" and "she obviously has no clue that her name is a mistake" or something to that effect. 


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