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"... the problem with American 'capitalism-as-usual'"

... only a few get their due, 
and once they do, 
they love so much to financially fuck me and you. 

Adoption Ignorance (of the Ignoring kind)

Sometimes she decides not to participate,
because what she may find, she may hate;
then the exercise becomes one that's supposed to cleanse,
but now all she can see is her life through that lens. 


Digitally published 150k-word work of science fiction, Bromides (on Medium), which was written over the course of a 2017 self-imposed, two-metric-month fiction writing challenge

A Synopsis

"Bromides: A Synopsis" 

Self-published science fiction anthology, Red & Blue Make Green (on Amazon) in late 2016


"The Little Apple" 

Biographically speaking

"A 김치 Story"

"Quote-Unquote Dancer—A Personal History"


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