03 December 2023

some fiction sketches re some prayer flags, when it rained, and the true meaning of christmas—love—the love of consumerism.

whisper whisper knowledge, whisper knowledge, whisper whisper knowledge

whisper whisper prosperity, whisper prosperity, whisper whisper prosperity

whisper whisper long life, whisper long life, whisper whisper long life

whisper whisper success, whisper success, whisper whisper success

whisper whisper peace, whisper peace, whisper whisper peace

[Untitled] Light Paintings IV.II

the primary colors plus green, cause there's a case—there's always a case—to be made that the color green possesses properties that are wholly unique, color-wise (and more, according to, well, Ladybug, obviously), etc. 

the five pillars of wisdom, because knowledge that does not bring about prosperity, long life, success, and peace is useless (luck or the lack thereof excepted). 


the first drop fell

and then it poured

for an entire week it rained

and then it rained more


they're taught, from a young age, how to decorate the tree,

put up the lights,

dress up the fireplace,

and then,

at some point, they learn

that christmas isn't free,

and then, the free gift of love is so rarely gifted

that the job of reminding them of what

the True meaning of a sham celebration IS

is left to the entertainment industry,

and that seems, hypocritical somehow,

until they realize that the true meaning of christmas

is love

the love of consumerism.  

jingle bells, jingle bells

another dollar made

santa came and took it from you

cause that's how santa's paid