27 May 2023

Saw a rainbow on our way to HMart for our First HMart Haul!

We picked up our Mother Sauces (+ 간장, 떡, & 냉면, among other things while we were staying in our temporary accommodation) from the Korean 슈퍼, 팔라마, &then we finally trekked out to HMart to fill out our first round of Korean must-haves, now that we're finally in our condo :) 

Here's a list of what's pictured, for the curious [from top left, clockwise, spiraling around] ::

  • 라면
  • 석류 알로에 주스
  • 왕만두
  • 한국고추
  • 두부
  • 에노키 버섯
  • 생강
  • 쌈무
  • 포기김치
  • 유부초밥 kit
  • 상추
  • 참기름
  • 어묵
  • 냉동삼겹살
  • 마늘
  • 주키니
  • 양파
  • 당근
  • HMart Smart Card for all the discounts!
&oddly enough, walmart has the cheapest calrose rice, so we've been buying five-pound bags until the bodybuddy/liifemate decides to haul home a twenty pounder. 

Happy Korean Eating! 

&here is a look at the last big meal that we ate
while staying in our temporary lodging