29 May 2023

BUTTS: A BACKSTORY by Heather Radke — some quotes that deserve their own post

"This is your birthright. You get to feel joy in your body if you want to." —Deb Burgard p 170

"Aerobics is, by and large, a submissive practice: you stay on your mat, inside your little rectangle, and do as you are told. In that way, aerobics has the consequence of reinforcing and rewarding compliance and uniformity." p 161

[begin quote] "When they write the history of popular culture in the 20th century, they can sum it up in one sentence, which is: 'White kids wanting to be as cool as Black kids'." [end quote] —Chris Connelly p 196 

[begin quote] "If a white girl does something that seems to be Black, then Black people think, Oh, she's embracing our culture, so they kinda ride with it. Then white people think, Oh, she must be cool! She's doin' sumpin' Black. So it's weird! But if a Black person do a Black thang? It ain't that poppin'." [end quote] —Nicki Minaj p 238