08 February 2022

On 'Jewface' (and why you don't really care)

You’re irritated. 

You look into the past, in on your “Christian” upbringing, the upbringing from which you have freed yourself and from which you still consider yourself recovering, the weird lady (who was not Jewish) obsessed with learning Hebrew and celebrating all things Jewish, as if she were a Jew. Teaching us the ways of the past, instilling within us an understanding of the way things were

You see Judaism, the Holocaust, the horrific tragedy of genocide, one of countless genocides in the history of humanity, and yet, the only one you can name by name. 

You see Jewishness, the Hasidic lifestyle of living in the past, the authentication of one’s lineage by being birthed of a Jewish woman who was verifiably birthed by a Jewish woman who was verifiably birthed by a Jewish woman, theoretically, forever into the biblical past (a totem on which not all believe) when the Jews were “God’s Chosen People,” and the rest of humanity is all, what?, Gentile? 

You are constantly bombarded with reminders of the royal lineage of “God’s Chosen People,” that necessarily elitist, hierarchical nature to this sort of—purified—need to be born of a Jew.

You wonder why there are no Black or Asian (of the Yellow or Brown variety) Jews. None that you know of by the definition of Jews themselves. 

You remember your Korean-adoptee acquaintances—adopted to Jews—and realize that because of their RACE, they will never actually be part of their own family. 

You understand that feeling of exclusivity when included.  

You look to the future. 

The obviousness of the Asian Persuasion has taken hold. 

You notice that Asianness covers both the Yellow and Brown variety, nearly equally.

You feel the haunting pull of the past reminding you of the Nature of the Jew. 

The whispers of cleansing

Still, in the future present, the Jew is a threat to the Asian (both of the Yellow and Brown variety), a reminder that we will never be “God’s Chosen People.”

You sit presently in the present.

You breathe. 

Of course, to be Black is to be everything. The Universe. The Multi-Verse. Multitudes. 

You see the desire for equity. The suppression and threat against free speech. 

You observe, like all would-be perpetrators who preemptively call out haters, while hating, and preemptively framing their innocence to a fault of which they are currently unaccused, the tongue lashing that accompanies the asterisk affixed to one's name when branded as an anti-Semite by Jews who can now openly suppress you, snuff out your rise through the ranks of (white) Jewish power (look it up), disguised as white when convenient, a Jew when needing to suppress someone, anyone, because they're an "anti-Semite" and therefore a threat to their (white) Jewish power structure, but not a peep from these same power-filled Jews about whether or not you’re an anti-Uyghur when you are silent on Uyghur genocide that is occurring in the present. 

You understand that only the powerful can pull off such a feat. Presently, you understand that a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide cannot professionally cut you off at your knees if you deny their suffering.

You understand that the Black Present will build the Black Future, which, theoretically, ought to be rife with equality, equity and democracy. 

And that in that future, you will then be positioned to shine.

But then you notice that you are Asian (of the Yellow variety).

You realize the Truth.

Look to the Past, Future or Presently

The dauntingly ugly, unfathomable Truth is that the Jew is the ethnic purifier, making the world the oyster of "God's Chosen People," under "God's" direct command and blessing.  

And the only way to stop an ethnic purifier is to stop giving two shits about the hierarchy of ethnic/racial supremacy, which outspoken white powerful Jewswho have enough time to call out anti-Semitic speechseem to care very little about, as a whole, in the present.