02 April 2024


captured & edited 01APR24
on a handheld Canon EOS 4000D mounted w/a prime lens
in natural light
&on the Snapseed photo editor
using the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
edited only for color amplification
(cause like, let's be real, all fucking pics that are published to places wherein things can be published
have been digitally edited
sometimes the edits are simple, simply to make the image pop
other times it truly is to deceive
&everything in between
&to know the difference is to understand at what you're looking
&if you don't know at what you're looking
then you're illiterate in images
you cannot read images
just like there are many forms of illiteracy
[for instance, you can be socially illiterate &not-know how to behave/interact w/ppl in social settings
cause you don't know how to "read a room," etc.]
there is a form of illiteracy that has to do with one's inability to read images
if you suffer from this condition
i imagine that these days are very confusing for you
which must be such a total bummer. *shrug* bummer.)