03 March 2024

Some questions rattling around in my mind as my jobbing (the job i do as an exploitee* for some other business) schedule has changed (a good thing), which has altered my general work (the work i do for my own businesses) flow, and so, while the shifting settles, I ponder. In the meantime, I'm eyeballing my stats like a raptor, cause, well, not to brag, but this site is about to hit 100K all-time views, like, imminently, like, w/in the next twenty-four hours. *eek*

When did neutrality become hostile?

because i am not a "nice" person, most people know where i stand with them. those who are insecure, well, there's nothing i can do about them. all i can say is that if i've fucking spent money on you, at all, then i obviously fucking like you, like goddamn, what does it take to make a friend and have them continue to consider you their friend when you're busy and just like need a break from socializing, gah! and so, i've been pondering some fiction sketches, but the words are still congealing into something edible. in this moment, i have but a list of ingredients, no recipe. the themes of this question also stem from my jobplace, because, well, it's not my job to assure you that i like you. if i know you from my job, i don't like you, and i also don't not-like you. i'm just being neutral, like we ought to be, because we're at our fucking JOB! we have to get our jobs done whether or not we like each other, so who fucking cares? that is what "being professional" means. like, duh!


Since the writing about not-white-ness in the context of whiteness by a not-white person is not considered racist, because *clap.clap.clap.* representation, then theoretically, my writing about my non-white & non-black experience in the context of whiteness & blackness ("omfingg, she used white first and black second, both times! fucking fraud! she supports white supremacy!") ought not be considered racist, as well, amirite?

i obviously hate social media. i hated it and quit after hating fucking white-woman yoga. and now i hate it and quit after hating fucking feminist-globeaux-woman threads. sorry, people with wombs, no! goddammit, people with vaginas? shit, no, what is it, the people who are penetrated?, no, the people who are asexual or never have sex, wait, no, that's not right, cause, well, not to get too specific, but if your genitalia is a penis, okay, well, now this is no longer relevant, since the parts don't matter, and determine nothing, ugh, nevertheless, the use of the word woman is out, so there are no women and there are no men, because men are women and women are men, and we're all equal, and so, there are no "women's issues," you dumb fucks, oh wait, sorry, that's so mean. women aren't dumb! it's the feminist-globeaux people-who-identify-as-woman-without-having-any-female-human-body-parts-but-sometimes-do-have-female-body-parts-but-sometimes-have-male-body-parts-but-identify-as-the-non-gender-"she"-but-who-absolutely-do-not-want-to-be-defined-by-the-word-female-because-that-would-put-their-genitalia-front-and-center-and-the-misogynists-think-of-female-as-lesser-so-the-whole-point-is-to-make-sure-that-we-know-exactly-what-genitalia-each-person-possesses-so-as-to-rule-over-them-with-the-hierarchy-of-gender-importance-with-"them"-being-the-most-important-no-the-leveling-of-gender-so-that-it-doesn't-matter-at-all-except-that-it-matters-the-most that make Threads so unpalatable, which begs the question, why do those who identify very specifically as "them" or "he/she" so desperate to ensure that gender/sexuality matters the most and does-not-matter at all, all at the same time?

*shiver* yikes! did i do it right? *eyeroll* 

cue the pc police! *screech* defund the police!

When black people die, do they go to black heaven? Same question re white people?

 just kidding. i'd never spend any amount of time pondering heaven. that's such a white/black thing. damn. those whites and blacks and their white/black jesus. 


Do I prefer the people who have something to teach me or those for whom I have arrived as their teacher?

it's True. some people show up to teach you something. others show up to be taught something by you. i prefer those who have entered my life to teach me something. i hate teaching, because, well, the every-person hates to learn. #facts

How can someone be (so) hot and (so) talented and yet, be (so) uncool? 

hot, cool, and popular are all supremely subjective social statuses. there are, however, enough objective signifiers to create a majority on what/who is or is not hot, cool &or popular. but maybe this is all false. maybe if everyone was truly able to somehow have their vote count, we'd find out that there are no objective metrics to things like hotness, coolness and popularity. maybe each of our worldviews is so immensely unique that if everyone expressed themselves equally, there would be no hot, cool or popular people, because every single person on Earth thinks so completely differently.

 *BAHAHAHAHA* people thinking! *BAHAHAHAHA* ah, the belly aches! stop it!

How is it that the same people who fight for diversity, representation and social equality would not support every job having the same pay, within the same company, no matter the job? Their fight even includes people of diverse abilities. Their fight is never about those who are physically incapable of holding down a job receiving pay for a job that they can physically accomplish. Wait, does their fight even include employing people with varied abilities at the exact same pay rate as everyone else?

the hypocrisy of social justice warriors is enough to make my head spin. you support, nay, demand diversity, equity and inclusion, but you do not fight that all jobs are paid equally within a company, no matter the job. every human has to job, this is capitalism-as-usual, and yet, these elitists still believe that some jobs (nay, "work") have greater value than other jobs, and so, that means that the people who are only capable of doing menial labor have a lower financial value, which ultimately suggests that you believe that these people have a lower economic value, which means that they do not contribute "equally" to society and thusly, should not be compensated...equally. FUCK YOU! your so-called "abilities" were a lottery draw. anyone could've been born with any variety/combo of abilities and/or inabilities.


*i am an exploitee for one reason and one reason only, at my jobplace, there is a tier of corporate office jobbers who get paid twice as much for half the work. the most pressing issue is not corporate greed at the CEO level, the most pressing issue is the middle-tier of corporate jobbers with bloated salaries for what?, going to college? *BAHAHAHA* from my point of view, this tier of jobber is why Kroger and Albertson's must merge. their merger will cut half of the corporate office parasites. this will, obviously, not help the hourly-wage laborers on the ground, but at least some corporate office parasites will be unemployed and irrelevant to the jobforce, and eventually, they will be obsolete, thank goddess! a job is a job. every employee should be paid equally. the company, as a whole, cannot accomplish its goal, of being a business, without every jobber on the ground. they can, however, do just find with half the office parasites. #facts. all jobs within a company are equal, because everyone must job in order to receive money that we can then use to purchase the things we need. to think otherwise makes you an elitist bigot, so stop pretending that you care about anyone but yourself, also, FUCK YOU! no, nevermind, there's no need to get angry, it's becoming abundantly clear that to replace the physical labor of hourly-wage laborers is a much more difficult technological feat than replacing office parasites, so everything will work itself out, lol.