07 March 2024

ELITISM is Humanity's Greatest Crime Against Itself.

The greatest flaw in the Declaration of The United Colonies of America's Independence is that, in fact, all men are not created equal, because all humans are born in unequal circumstances with unequal physical/mental/psychological abilities. 

When you're born, you are born to human people (one assumes in this particular day&age). Those human people are living in a particular set of circumstances. Some people are born to rich people. Some people are born to poor people. Some smart people are born of dumb people. Some dumb people are born of smart people. 

The bottom line is that nobody chooses to be born.

We're all thrust into this thing called "life," and then we're challenged to fucking "Live, Bitch!"

Because we are not born equal, we must strive, from my point of view, to make life and the living it equally easy &or challenging.

This is equality, to me. 

Fuck your "fairness." There's nothing fucking "fair" about life.

People who believe that they are somehow better, because they were born into x, y, or z circumstances or with x, y, or z abilities are fucking egomaniacs. Those spiritual weirdos who think that you're somehow reincarnated into higher levels of beings can go fuck themselves, too (the irony of these spiritual weirdos is that the whole point of their so-called "spirituality" is about suppressing the ego, ridding the self of itself in order to what? apparently, the goal is not to find yourself within the whole *barf*). 

Racial/Religious Supremacy is ELITISM. 

Nepotism is ELITISM.

Etiquette is ELITISM.

Grammar Policing is ELITISM.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is subscribing to ELITISM.

To believe that your abilities have some sort of intrinsic, higher value than other abilities is ELITISM.


I saw a threads on Threads, and the black woman who posted it posted something with regards to fair wages. A lot of so-called social justice warriors (and even a former treasury secretary) bark and holler about "fair" wages, but the point that I'm trying to make is that "fair" is not equal, and you can't fight for equality if you're an ELITIST. Well, obviously, you can, but then you're a fucking hypocrite. 


Most social justice warrior "influencers" (oh my goddess, can you imagine being an influencer?!? shiiiiit!) are ELITISTS. Their fight is for so-called "fairness," but they still believe that not all wages should be equal throughout a company. They believe that some people have some sort of intrinsic value based off of their abilities. And so, some jobs are "worth" more, have "greater value." This is ELITISM.

Then I saw a reply from a white woman who said something to the effect of "low skills, low wages. if you want to have higher wages, then get more skills." You're on the wrong side of history if your views align with the average white woman. *yikes*

To the aww (average white woman), what about those of us who cannot simply "acquire more skills"? We are supposed to roll over and die? We're supposed to be paid less because we are less-able to contribute economically? You could've been born with any amount of abilities, and still, in this life, all of these so-called "greater-value" skills could be taken from you by a simple car accident, etc. Fuck you!

These types see themselves as distinctly separate from the whole, and then they go so far as to believe that their state of being is better than everyone else's. 

Anyone could've been born as anyone. You could've been born with fewer physical abilities and greater mental abilities. You could've been born with greater physical abilities and fewer mental abilities. You could've been born to poor, uneducated people. You could've been born to rich, well-connected people. You could've been born (goddess forbid!) to the large, average, mediocre chunk of humanity in the middle. Anyone can be born to anyone. To think otherwise is ELITIST.

This is the inherent unfairness of life, the inherent inequity.

Yes, life is unfair. Stop bitching about it, if you drew some short straws, and stop thinking that you're somehow inherently better if you drew a few long straws. 

It is, in my view, our responsibility to make life equally easy or difficult. We should all want to win and suffer together, because anyone could be born as anyone. If you were born with more abilities, you should feel the responsibility to level the field for those of us who were born with fewer abilities, because that could've been you. If you were born with fewer abilities, we should be creating pathways for you to contribute whatever you can to society and your contributions should be valued equally


I was internationally adopted from Seoul, South Korea, to These United Colonies by a white family. As human people, we have no rights as children. This is also deeply unfair. I could not protest my adoption. I could've also never been adopted. I could not decide my fate. My fate was decided for me. So was yours. Up to a point. 

Once we are able to take the direction of our lives in whatever direction we please, we go out into the world and participate. Some people never have this opportunity because their physical abilities make them less-capable of survival on their own, out in the wilderness. ELITISM says that this type of person born into humanity has lesser economic value. Thus, if they can even accomplish a job, that job is measly, thus, they "deserve" measly wages. Social justice warriors supposedly fight for the "fairness" of these wages, but that is also ELITIST. They do not believe that people who cannot do "higher value" work should be paid equally to those of them who do "higher value" work. THIS IS ELITIST.

My point is that being human is enough to add value to humanity. Whether or not, as an individual, you believe that you add "more" or "less" value, doesn't matter. Since none of us chooses to be here, why are we not working together to make life easier for all of us, since, any of us could've been born with fewer or greater abilities. #facts

But this is America, where the whole point is to not only keep up but also, surpass. This is not a goal that strives for equality.

And so, this is America, The United Colonies of ELITISM, where the so-called fight for "equality" is actually a fight for ELITISM.