13 January 2024

The Balls We Carry [are not equal]

She's born

&for a little while

if she's lucky

someone carries her


someone hosts her life


and all she does is eat, sleep and poop


one day

she is given a small beach-ball-type ball 

a responsibility

the responsibility of not-pooping herself

learning, remembering that she has to pee and poop in a toilet

and for the most part, the ball is not very heavy,

maybe at first

it's a bit awkward

but it is not difficult, per se

to bear the weight of potty training


another responsibility becomes hers

and that ball grows

in its size, shape, and weight

but she's stronger now

and the size, shape, and weight


grows at the same pace as her strength


for some like her

the size and weight of the "next" ball

that she's given to bear

is much larger in size and weight

much more awkward in shape

especially when compared

to other balls that are being carried

by people of a similar age



the one with the overly large, awkward and heavy ball

compared to her age

grows even stronger than the rest

develops skills to manage such a size, shape and weight

that some

will never be able to bear


becomes destined for


because the balls that she's carried


are incomparable

in size, shape and weight

to the balls of others

&so the inevitable will