14 October 2023

I barely survived a very tough week at my stupid, ephing job, but survive, I did. &so, play we must. 'Carl!'

 It was the first of its kind, for me. Essentially (cause I dunno what I can/cannot should/should not share about the situation at my job, etc.), the store in which I job was the "out-of-town preview" store for the forthcoming 2023 holiday shopping season. And it was a rough forty-eight hours, but it also wasn't so bad (and I will not go into detail here, cause, I dunno where the line is, etc.).

Anyway, the big day fell on my adoption "Gotcha Day," and so, I obviously could not take the day off. I didn't even ask, cause... obviously. I wouldn't normally even think to take the day off, either, except that this relocation to Honolulu has been very stressful, and then the addition of taking on a whole new job has really been A LOT. Nevertheless, my point is that I would not, under normal circumstances, even think to treat myself with a day off for my adoption day. 

With that being said, I felt like with the stress upon stress upon stress and my ability to withstand it (even while crying most days and feeling so so much about every. single. little. fucking. thing. these days), I deserved to take a day to myself, especially after such a big two weeks leading up to the "preview." 

Thus, I requested a day off after the dust settled, and I did absolutely nothing productive.

The bodybuddy/lifemate got me a new light catcher, and so, we went to the beach, and I tested the thing out. Below are the best of the test bunch. 

My dream is to meet Carl, the turtle I am attempting, very patiently, to befriend in the little cove that laps at our favorite beach. I would love to be able to photograph Carl every week, because for the past three months or so, I've seen Carl from a distance, up pops Carl's little head for a breath of air, and I yell (literally, people look at me like I'm troubled), "Carl!" every. single. time. I see Carl's little head pop up out of the water. 

Carl has looked right at me a few times.

Some days, Carl's head pops up four to five times in a row, quite quickly and with each little pop-up, you'll hear me yell, "Carl! Carl! Carl! Carl!" repeatedly, like I'm really trying to get some paddle boarder's attention. 

I cannot express to you the deepness of my desire to meet Carl and be Carl's friend. *sigh*

Thus, the bodybuddy/lifemate heard my cries, and now I'm outfitted with an underwater light catcher! On my requested day off, I took some test shots, cause I've never had an underwater camera (yes, the gopro has a waterproof case, but I've never really used it as an underwater camera, except for in a pool that one boring time, cause we've never lived near water like we do now), and so, I am unfamiliar with its potential. I've also never had this specific camera, and so, I am unfamiliar with its potential. And so, play I must until I know wtf the thing can do. 

Happy Saturday.


[Untitled] Underwater Light Paintings I

[Untitled] Underwater Light Paintings II

[Untitled] Underwater Light Paintings III

[Untitled] Underwater Light Paintings IV

[Untitled] Underwater Light Paintings V