07 February 2023

The State of Our Union—an opinion on an Address

re All That Hot Air

The legislation is, actually, there.

re Funding These Gov't Programs

The PLAN is, apparently, to tax bloated corporations and the uber-wealthy. Okay. Shrug.

re "Teachers and firefighters are taxed more than the rich"

Like, how the fuck does this country justify taxing firefighters, police people, nurses, and teachers at all? Like, seriously, the FIGHT is fucking ON! Oh, &remember White Jesus? Yea, he be that fucking stingy bastard whose "morals" are the "morals" with which this country supposedly aligns itself. 

re Gun Control

Surprise, surprise, gun control is a partisan issue, somehow, for some fucked-up reason, which kind of means that gun control might actually be a race issue.

re Healthcare

Enough said.

re Infrastructure Part I

Using 100% domestic supplies for government projects is IMPOSSIBLE. Biden conveniently left out the materials that we cannot obtain domestically.

re Infrastructure Part II

the war of the new millennium will be a war over minerals, not fuel.

re Bipartisan Issues


re the smokin' hot black woman in the impeccable green-green suit

Did you see her? Ugh, I watched the PBSNewsHour live stream.