12 December 2022

one somewhat-typical conversation w/ your somewhat-typical narcissist and one somewhat-typical social media interaction w/ your somewhat-typical narcissist

In Conversation

Somewhat-Typical Narcissist (STN): Hey! How are you? What have you been up to?

Obviously, Absolutely, Not-A-Narcissist (You): I'm great. Just working on, you know, X, and just tryna stay fit. [laughs lightly]

STN: [laughs along, uncomfortably] Oh, yea, X is not in my wheelhouse. [stands uncomfortably]

You: [feels awkward] Oh, so what have you been up to?

STN: [talks about him/herself for the next ten minutes]

You: [checked out nine-and-a-half minutes ago, so have no idea what STN is talking about] Oh, well, it was so great catching up with you.

STN: So great!

You: Bye! [waves a friendly wave]

STN: [already walking away]

On Socials

STN: [posts a post on socials, never sees/watches your socials]

You: [repost aforementioned post to Stories, cause it's a book post, duh]

STN: [sees/watches only the one Stories wherein their own post is featured, replies {no meager like} with a satisfied-face emoji]

You: [realize you're dealing with an STN, vow to no longer give a shit about this particular account, etc.]