12 July 2022

In Good Company with White Yoga Murderers, I mean Instructors; the overwhelmingly ignorant (slash) idiotic American Polity; and an update from Anne Marie!

re White Yoga Instructors/Murderers (&not the other way around, à la Zoolander)

White on White crime means that White people are "naturally criminal," right? If you are a Globaux, and you’ve ever taken a white yoga class, then I hope you understand the vibe that I am about to examine. I've taken exactly a dozen (obviously this is a guess) in-person yoga classes with a dozen different white yoga instructors, over the course of about three years about twelve years ago. I never paid for a single class until a “friend” of mine hosted a class online as a newly minted instructor during the pandemic, but I only attended once in support, cause I didn't really want to attend again, for the reasons I'm going over, right this minute. The reason why I never paid for a class was because I never liked any of the instructors, and since instructors typically offer a free trial sort of whatever, you can test out teachers and get their vibe before shelling out cash. 

What I am wondering now, is if yoga instructing attracts psychopathic egomaniacs the way that being a surgeon does. And then, I am wondering if yoga instructors (prominent ones) are simply failed wannabe surgeons because they weren’t smart enough to go to medical school, so they opted for another sort of egomaniacal post—yoga instructor, lifestyle guru—in essence, someone who tells you what to do and feels as though they have your life in their hands, etc. 

But I have since been introduced to Globaux yoga, and it’s, obviously, very different from white yoga, because as we now know, white yoga is a fraud. I’ve always known it because I felt it, and now, I feel vindicated. I stopped participating in yoga altogether about a year ago cause I don't like online instruction, and I don't want to enter a hot, moist, crowded room to enjoy yoga in person despite how much I enjoyed the classes I experienced with newly found Globaux instructors. Sorry, truly sorry.

Obviously, I never really identified as a yogi for the reasons stated above, but I liked doing yoga, until I didn’t. I don’t think that yoga likes me very much, and so, for the past two years or so, I have been trying to re-identify as the dancer I once was, focusing on the strengthening and stretching exercises of the barre, not that I want to be a dancer again (thank you bum left knee), but as a form of exercise, I love to dance the most. Not to say that ballerinas aren’t or can’t be murders, just to be clear. I am not pointing out that yoga instructors are murderers or that yoga creates murderers. I just think that it’s so fucking hilarious that a yoga instructor went ape-shit, nationally, by murdering another white lady. I mean, seriously, white ladies be cray.

And obviously, I'm so saddened by the senseless loss of white life, as saddened as the whites are when others are lost, needlessly, senselessly, violently, innocently.  

My point is that anyone is capable of murdering you, no matter what they look like, no matter what sort of inner zen they’re supposed to possess. So, watch out (especially for them White Ladies)!


re America, the Land of the Woefully Ignorant

If you are a rational (not even logical, merely rational) human being, you innately understand that one cannot be both anti-abortion—"The Churchstate makes it very clear how one does and does not enter 'Heaven'"—and anti-vaxx—"Tell the Churchstate that it's My Body, My Choice!"

You either believe or you do not believe, and under those conditions one does or does not enter the "Kingdom of Heaven," according to all of you, White-Jesus Subscribers. 

(these are not my words! they're yours, if you subscribe to White Jesus!)

All of this wishy-washy religiousness of White Jesus is so ... what's the word ... hypocritical. And I think that hypocrisy is frowned upon by the Church, but so are a lot of things that I see White-Jesus Subscribers routinely do. Nevertheless,   

The overwhelming majority of Americans are overwhelmingly uneducated. This makes this country particularly susceptible—an Achilles Heel of the mind—to any number of threats. The everyday American citizen equates the largely successful Elitist Capitalism-As-Usual Rulers who built this country into the greatest monument to Capitalism, in all it's glorious dependence upon the exploitation of the masses, as a reflection of their own competence/awesomeness. For all it's worshipful praise of the Individual, the individual is largely irrelevant here in These United States. They are, after all, a mass of people who are intentionally stripped of any meaningful education, equipped with zero capacity to rise out of their wage-labor, hourly-worker status, and then they are told that they deserve more all while the Elitist Capitalism-As-Usual Rulers enslave more and more consumers to credit/mortgage/car payments until they die, in the name of Growth, the bottom line, in essence, Greed as God.  

Be not fooled. I am no Democrat. I believe in a form of democracy, but I am no supporter of Mob Rule. I am, however, hugely supportive of an educated population, ruled by Meritocracy with a sprinkling of Central Planning. A country needs to have long-term goals—a Future. When I look at this Land of the Ignorant I do not see a future, and I only see economic slaves, everywhere. Everyone here is economically enslaved, but the particularly insidious nature of American Economic Slavery is that Americans, as a whole, believe that they are not only free, but also, they believe that they are entitled to wealth.

It is this duality that fuels their (seemingly) willing enslavement. Credit provides the means by which they may fulfill their entitlement of "owning" a house, car, and large-screen TV, while the "job" provides the means by which they can payback their debtors, one month at a time, until they die. This is also what pumps the breaks on any Government Assistance. Everything must be privatized in order for the Elitist Capitalism-As-Usual Rulers to gain total control. Don't get it twisted. These United States is no Democracy, for we are, undoubtedly, living under Totalitarian Rule, or more politely, Tyranny. These United States are, first and foremost, Ruled By Money, and we love it. 

Even those directly suffering from Rule By Money continue to subscribe to the Dream, because in America, anyone, anyone at all, can "make it big," may "HOPE," must "Pay to Play." We all want to Play, and we know that in America the cards are stacked against us. We all know this. But we also all know that some of us get lucky. Some of us rise up and out. But there must exist this lowest tier, the lowest class from which to rise, or the Dream dies; we all wake up and realize that this is no Dream at all. 

And so, waking up through rational thought is, quite literally, the Enemy of the Churchstate. Your mind, our minds, our collective intelligence, is the Enemy of those in Power. 

Come as you are, unless you are uneducated. The uneducated citizens of this Land of the Ignorant are eaten up every day by the System. What makes you think that you can survive here? These United States lure YOU with a roll of the dice, but do not support your survival. Arrive to Play, cause those who were born here do not even understand that a Game is being played, that they are an integral part of making this whole Dream come alive. 

Play the Game and Live Free or Die someone else's pawn. Either way, you're going to die. There are other great places to Play the Game of Capitalism, but America truly is Number One, at least, for the moment.   


re An Update from Anne Marie!

We received an update from Anne Marie Moseley! And it was hidden within the card that the bodybuddy/lifemate’s family sent to him for a holiday. Classy. It’s actually the exact thing that I did to my Father on Father’s Day, but this is not about that. 

Anywho, Anne Marie admitted that she “read” my blog, which I took to mean in the past tense, which is a weird thing to say about a blog as they are (idealistically) continuously being updated, but whatever, proper diction is hard. Also, I think she read it before I updated it with the post about her, hmph, cause she didn’t mention that I’m spelling her name wrong, but I’m obviously doing it on purpose because if she knew anyone who isn’t White, which she doesn’t, minus me, but I don’t count cause she hates me, she calls them whatever she feels like, and if she knows their name, she still definitely calls them the wrong name and/or spells it wrong.

Nevertheless, she called my blog full of hate, which I think is so totally ironic given that she thinks that I’m hateful by calling her hateful. Curious. I’ll admit I do not have warm fuzzy feelings for White women, nor do I have fuzzy feelings for most white women, in general. I don’t think that this is any secret, however. To anyone who has ever read my writing knows that everyone is fair game. It’s not hatred I’m spewing, it’s the reality in which we live, which, ironically enough, is the reality that Anne Marie Moseley has spent all of her precious votes building. Not to mention that my words are hardly anything to get upset about, unlike her actions that have real consequences in the real world, and those consequences are harmful for many real people. But White people have little to no care for collateral damage. Oh the hypocrisy of those who subscribe to White Jesus. Man, White Jesus really was some genius, wasn’t he? He sure does know the human psyche well, well enough to exploit and utilize it toward his will. Damn, I wish I were White Jesus.  

In the end, Anne Marie made it a point to tell us (I assume she assumes I’m up to speed) that they are moving to Florida to the condo that “they own,” which, again, so hilarious, cause why would she need to divulge something so obvious. Obviously, we—of all people—understand that the bank owns their condo, and the bank is letting them live in it if they keep making their monthly payments, or until they die, or until they’re kicked out (again) for failing to make payments. So, yea, sure, Anne Marie, I believe that you “own” your home, just like every other American “owns” their home, car and TV. Bahahaha! Oh, quick last thing, the first time I went to the bodybuddy/lifemate's parents' home (that they were being foreclosed on), the bodybuddy/lifemate's father literally introduced me to their 60" flat-screen TV. He (the father) walked me into their living room, and first things first, said, "Come look at this," as he points my attention to their TV, "It's sixty inches." I stood there, looked at the TV, looked at him, and trying not to laugh, calmly whispered, "Cool."

Shit, this stuff is too good. I can’t even make it up!